adjusting piwik tracking code
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2019-11-01 Andrew Engelbrechtincreased image size in search results
2019-11-01 Andrew Engelbrechtremoving navbar at the top of the site for now
2019-09-05 Valessio Soares... fix fsfbar overflow and align
2019-09-04 Valessio Soares... fix scroll fsf-bar on mobile
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... fix support glyphicons
2019-08-06 Andrew Engelbrechtadded FSF nav header to ryf1p
2019-08-02 Andrew Engelbrechtlinkify images in search results
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial theming for search results
2019-06-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded image thumbnails to search results
2019-05-15 Valessio Soares... Initial release