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2023-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadjusting piwik tracking code master
2020-12-28 Andrew Engelbrechtupdating piwik / matomo tracking code
2019-11-12 Andrew Engelbrechtshow navbar on print preview
2019-11-12 Andrew Engelbrechtmoved navbar min size css code
2019-11-12 Andrew Engelbrechtset a min height for site header in mobile view
2019-11-12 Andrew Engelbrechtmoved some css code into "@media screen" block
2019-11-12 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated file name of RYF logo inside logo SVG file
2019-11-07 Andrew Engelbrechtset more elemtns to clear: both
2019-11-06 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked product list view, handle product field
2019-11-06 Andrew Engelbrechtremoving elipses for long titles in teasers
2019-11-06 Andrew Engelbrechtwrapped css elements in "@media screen {...}"
2019-11-04 Andrew Engelbrechtmove ellipsis to the right of ryf-list divs
2019-11-04 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked ryf-list image css for odd shaped images
2019-11-04 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrected margin on larger screens
2019-11-04 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved overriden code
2019-11-01 Andrew Engelbrechtalways place logos above vendor text, use columns
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