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2019-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated license of piwik embed code
2019-08-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded piwik tracking code to footer
2019-08-02 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated privacy policy link in footer
2019-07-18 Andrew Engelbrechtsplit footer module into static and dynamic blocks
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated expiration date in footer
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrected a syntax error in footer
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked the footer HTML
2019-07-15 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "use a static footer block instead of a dynamic...
2019-07-15 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "placeholder for theme "footer" submodule"
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtplaceholder for theme "footer" submodule
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtuse a static footer block instead of a dynamic one
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated href in link to all campaigns in footer
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtwhitespace adjustments
2019-06-24 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded link to Weblabels page for LibreJS
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... Merge branch 'master' of
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... fix img module footer and align
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... add module custom footer