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2024-03-05 Ian Kellingminor: docs master
2024-03-05 Ian Kellingimprove error handling
2024-01-23 Greg FaroughRename errhandle file since it changed in repo
2023-11-22 Ian Kellingquiet/verbose, fix removing tnt/teof on mastodon
2023-11-22 Ian Kellingcleanup for pylint
2023-11-22 Ian Kellingmake quiet for better cron usage
2023-11-22 Ian Kellingfix: use updated --PROFILE
2023-11-22 Ian Kellingswitch from -PROFILE to --PROFILE. improve docs
2023-11-21 Ian Kellingextra twitter operations, general cleanup
2023-11-19 Ian Kellingupdate documentation
2023-11-19 Ian Kellingupdate mainly to fix twitter
2023-07-02 Ian Kellingdont setup twitter by default
2023-07-02 Ian Kellingtwitter update
2023-02-23 Ian Kellinganother alt_text fix
2023-02-23 Ian Kellingfix alt text, i think
2022-12-01 Ian Kellingremove encoding arg that doesnt exist in python 3.6
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