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1 Administrator Plugin
2 --------------------
3 2002 Philippe Mingo <>
5 In order to use this plugin, you must first activate it using
6 and then you must change the config/config.php files
7 permissions to 660. This file must be owned by the user who you
8 want to have access to this plugin (only one user allowed) and
9 the group must be the group of the user who is running php. This
10 authentication method requires posix support in php and doesn't
11 work, if user's id equals to 0.
13 An alternative method, but less secure, is to add a file called
14 admins into the plugin folder with the names of the users that
15 you want to allow the use of the plugin.
17 Use this plugin at your own risk, and always remember to make a
18 backup of your config.php file before use.