More test commits.
[exim.git] / test / stderr / 0278
1Exim version x.yz ....
2changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
3 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
4configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
5admin user
6originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
7sender address = CALLER@test.ex
8Address testing: uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID euid=uuuu egid=EXIM_GID
10Testing CALLER@test.ex
12Considering CALLER@test.ex
14routing CALLER@test.ex
15--------> r1 router <--------
16local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
17checking local_parts
18CALLER in "never"? no (end of list)
19CALLER in "never1"? no (end of list)
20CALLER in "CALLER"? yes (matched "CALLER")
21CALLER in "+never_localparts : +n1_localparts : ! +local_localparts"? no (matched "! +local_localparts")
22r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
23--------> r2 router <--------
24local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
25checking local_parts
26cached no match for +never_localparts
27cached lookup data = NULL
28cached no match for +n1_localparts
29cached lookup data = NULL
30CALLER in "<; never2 ; +n1_localparts"? no (end of list)
31cached yes match for +local_localparts
32cached lookup data = NULL
33CALLER in "+never_localparts : +n2_localparts : !+local_localparts"? no (matched "!+local_localparts" - cached)
34r2 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
35--------> r3 router <--------
36local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
37checking local_parts
38cached yes match for +local_localparts
39cached lookup data = NULL
40CALLER in "+local_localparts"? yes (matched "+local_localparts" - cached)
41checking for local user
42finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
43calling r3 router
44r3 router called for CALLER@test.ex
45 domain = test.ex
46set transport t1
47queued for t1 transport: local_part = CALLER
48domain = test.ex
49 errors_to=NULL
50 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
51routed by r3 router
52 envelope to: CALLER@test.ex
53 transport: t1
54search_tidyup called
55>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
56Exim version x.yz ....
57changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
58 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
59configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
60admin user
61changed uid/gid: privilege not needed
62 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
63originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
64sender address = CALLER@test.ex
65set_process_info: pppp accepting a local non-SMTP message from <CALLER@test.ex>
66Sender: CALLER@test.ex
68 CALLER@test.ex
69search_tidyup called
70>>Headers received:
72rewrite_one_header: type=F:
73 From: CALLER_NAME <CALLER@test.ex>
74search_tidyup called
75>>Headers after rewriting and local additions:
76I Message-Id: <E10HmaX-0005vi-00@myhost.test.ex>
77F From: CALLER_NAME <CALLER@test.ex>
78 Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
80Data file written for message 10HmaX-0005vi-00
81>>Generated Received: header line
82P Received: from CALLER by myhost.test.ex with local (Exim x.yz)
83 (envelope-from <CALLER@test.ex>)
84 id 10HmaX-0005vi-00
85 for CALLER@test.ex; Tue, 2 Mar 1999 09:44:33 +0000
86calling local_scan(); timeout=300
87local_scan() returned 0 NULL
88Writing spool header file
89Size of headers = sss
91 <= CALLER@test.ex U=CALLER P=local S=sss
92created log directory TESTSUITE/spool/log
93search_tidyup called
94exec TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -DEXIM_PATH=TESTSUITE/eximdir/exim -C TESTSUITE/test-config -d=0xfbb95cfd -odi -Mc 10HmaX-0005vi-00
95Exim version x.yz ....
96changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
97 uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
98configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
99trusted user
100admin user
101set_process_info: pppp delivering specified messages
102set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
103reading spool file 10HmaX-0005vi-00-H
104user=CALLER uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID sender=CALLER@test.ex
105sender_local=1 ident=CALLER
107Empty Tree
108---- End of tree ----
110body_linecount=0 message_linecount=7
111Delivery address list:
112 CALLER@test.ex
113locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
114locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
116returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
117ensuring TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile is owned by exim
118no retry data available
120Considering: CALLER@test.ex
121unique = CALLER@test.ex
122no domain retry record
123no address retry record
124CALLER@test.ex: queued for routing
126routing CALLER@test.ex
127--------> r1 router <--------
128local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
129checking local_parts
130CALLER in "never"? no (end of list)
131CALLER in "never1"? no (end of list)
132CALLER in "CALLER"? yes (matched "CALLER")
133CALLER in "+never_localparts : +n1_localparts : ! +local_localparts"? no (matched "! +local_localparts")
134r1 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
135--------> r2 router <--------
136local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
137checking local_parts
138cached no match for +never_localparts
139cached lookup data = NULL
140cached no match for +n1_localparts
141cached lookup data = NULL
142CALLER in "<; never2 ; +n1_localparts"? no (end of list)
143cached yes match for +local_localparts
144cached lookup data = NULL
145CALLER in "+never_localparts : +n2_localparts : !+local_localparts"? no (matched "!+local_localparts" - cached)
146r2 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
147--------> r3 router <--------
148local_part=CALLER domain=test.ex
149checking local_parts
150cached yes match for +local_localparts
151cached lookup data = NULL
152CALLER in "+local_localparts"? yes (matched "+local_localparts" - cached)
153checking for local user
154finduser used cached passwd data for CALLER
155calling r3 router
156r3 router called for CALLER@test.ex
157 domain = test.ex
158set transport t1
159queued for t1 transport: local_part = CALLER
160domain = test.ex
161 errors_to=NULL
162 domain_data=NULL localpart_data=NULL
163routed by r3 router
164 envelope to: CALLER@test.ex
165 transport: t1
167After routing:
168 Local deliveries:
169 CALLER@test.ex
170 Remote deliveries:
171 Failed addresses:
172 Deferred addresses:
173search_tidyup called
174>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Local deliveries >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
175--------> CALLER@test.ex <--------
176locking TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
177locked TESTSUITE/spool/db/retry.lockfile
179returned from EXIM_DBOPEN
180no retry data available
181search_tidyup called
182changed uid/gid: local delivery to CALLER <CALLER@test.ex> transport=t1
183 uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
184 home=CALLER_HOME current=CALLER_HOME
185set_process_info: pppp delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00 to CALLER using t1
186appendfile transport entered
187appendfile: mode=600 notify_comsat=0 quota=0 warning=0
188 file=/dev/null format=unix
189 message_prefix=From ${if def:return_path{$return_path}{MAILER-DAEMON}} ${tod_bsdinbox}\n
190 message_suffix=\n
191 maildir_use_size_file=no
192 locking by lockfile fcntl
193search_tidyup called
194journalling CALLER@test.ex
195t1 transport returned OK for CALLER@test.ex
196post-process CALLER@test.ex (0)
197CALLER@test.ex delivered
199 => CALLER <CALLER@test.ex> R=r3 T=t1
200>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> deliveries are done >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
201changed uid/gid: post-delivery tidying
202 uid=EXIM_UID gid=EXIM_GID pid=pppp
203set_process_info: pppp tidying up after delivering 10HmaX-0005vi-00
204Processing retry items
205Succeeded addresses:
206CALLER@test.ex: no retry items
207Failed addresses:
208Deferred addresses:
209end of retry processing
211 Completed
212end delivery of 10HmaX-0005vi-00
213search_tidyup called
214search_tidyup called
215>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
216search_tidyup called
217>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=0 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
218Exim version x.yz ....
219changed uid/gid: forcing real = effective
220 uid=uuuu gid=CALLER_GID pid=pppp
221configuration file is TESTSUITE/test-config
222admin user
223originator: uid=CALLER_UID gid=CALLER_GID login=CALLER name=CALLER_NAME
224sender address = CALLER@test.ex
225Address testing: uid=uuuu gid=EXIM_GID euid=uuuu egid=EXIM_GID
227Testing unknown@test.ex
229Considering unknown@test.ex
231routing unknown@test.ex
232--------> r1 router <--------
233local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
234checking local_parts
235unknown in "never"? no (end of list)
236unknown in "never1"? no (end of list)
237unknown in "CALLER"? no (end of list)
238unknown in "+never_localparts : +n1_localparts : ! +local_localparts"? yes (end of list)
239calling r1 router
240r1 router called for unknown@test.ex
241 domain = test.ex
242route_item = never
243test.ex in "never"? no (end of list)
244r1 router declined for unknown@test.ex
245--------> r2 router <--------
246local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
247checking local_parts
248cached no match for +never_localparts
249cached lookup data = NULL
250cached no match for +n1_localparts
251cached lookup data = NULL
252unknown in "<; never2 ; +n1_localparts"? no (end of list)
253cached no match for +local_localparts
254cached lookup data = NULL
255unknown in "+never_localparts : +n2_localparts : !+local_localparts"? yes (end of list)
256calling r2 router
257r2 router called for unknown@test.ex
258 domain = test.ex
259DNS lookup of test.ex (MX) using fakens
260DNS lookup of test.ex (MX) gave NO_DATA
261returning DNS_NODATA
262DNS lookup of test.ex (A) using fakens
263DNS lookup of test.ex (A) gave NO_DATA
264returning DNS_NODATA
265r2 router declined for unknown@test.ex
266--------> r3 router <--------
267local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
268checking local_parts
269cached no match for +local_localparts
270cached lookup data = NULL
271unknown in "+local_localparts"? no (end of list)
272r3 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
273--------> r4 router <--------
274local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
275checking local_parts
276cached no match for +local_localparts
277cached lookup data = NULL
278unknown in "test.ex"? no (end of list)
279unknown in "unexpanded"? no (end of list)
280unknown in "+local_localparts : +expanded : +unexpanded"? no (end of list)
281r4 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
282--------> r5 router <--------
283local_part=unknown domain=test.ex
284checking local_parts
285cached no match for +local_localparts
286cached lookup data = NULL
287unknown in "test.ex"? no (end of list)
288cached no match for +unexpanded
289cached lookup data = NULL
290unknown in "+local_localparts : +expanded : +unexpanded"? no (end of list)
291r5 router skipped: local_parts mismatch
292no more routers
293search_tidyup called
294>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Exim pid=pppp terminating with rc=2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>