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2016-07-20 Lisa Marie... Revert "small bump for testing" master
2016-07-20 Lisa Marie... small bump for testing
2016-07-19 Andrew Engelbrechtbasic testing for auto-reply messages
2016-07-19 Andrew EngelbrechtAdd Auto-Submitted field
2016-07-18 Andrew Engelbrechtadd "From: " statement to email header
2016-01-22 Andrew Engelbrechtadded helpful comment
2016-01-21 Andrew Engelbrechtimprove edward output
2016-01-21 Andrew Engelbrechtremove extra space from japanese translation
2016-01-21 Andrew Engelbrechtverify signatures even if key is new to edward
2016-01-21 Andrew Engelbrechtperformance improvement for large emails
2016-01-20 Andrew Engelbrechtreply to 'Reply-To:' address if specified
2016-01-20 Andrew Engelbrechtonly parse header when accessing header fields
2016-01-20 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed bug occuring when key cannot be not fetched
2015-12-10 Andrew Engelbrechtraise error instead of sending email to no one
2015-12-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded test case
2015-12-10 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't quote attachments
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