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last changeMon, 23 Aug 2021 19:49:20 +0000 (21:49 +0200)
2021-08-23 Ruben RodriguezOnly use ip reputation check on /donate RT#1733350 master
2021-05-28 Ruben RodriguezexternalParametersBlacklist always log
2021-05-28 Ruben RodriguezImproved externalParametersBlacklist
2021-05-28 Ruben RodriguezMoved parameters filter to separate file
2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded a block of code to help debug fraud details
2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtblock $5 donations on main donation page
2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtmore verbose fraud blocking log messages
2020-06-18 Ruben RodriguezTemporary block for BR fraud
2019-07-25 Ruben RodriguezFix AVS for address/zip not starting with a number
2019-04-07 Ruben RodriguezChanges for ipv6 fraud management
2019-02-11 Ruben RodriguezBlacklist address: Motley Dr
2018-11-30 Andrew Engelbrechtadd country code to TC billing info dev live
2018-09-13 Ruben RodriguezDisabled blacklisting ipv6, RT#1318914
2018-01-29 Ruben RodriguezCorrected issue polulating custid,password. RT#1251268...
2018-01-18 Andrew Engelbrechtdoc update, etc based on true method for testing
2018-01-18 Andrew EngelbrechtPorted TrustCommerce extension to CiviCRM 4.7.x
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