2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded a block of code to help debug fraud details master
2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtblock $5 donations on main donation page
2020-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtmore verbose fraud blocking log messages
2020-06-18 Ruben RodriguezTemporary block for BR fraud
2019-07-25 Ruben RodriguezFix AVS for address/zip not starting with a number
2019-04-07 Ruben RodriguezChanges for ipv6 fraud management
2019-02-11 Ruben RodriguezBlacklist address: Motley Dr
2018-11-30 Andrew Engelbrechtadd country code to TC billing info dev live
2018-09-13 Ruben RodriguezDisabled blacklisting ipv6, RT#1318914
2018-01-29 Ruben RodriguezCorrected issue polulating custid,password. RT#1251268...
2018-01-18 Andrew Engelbrechtdoc update, etc based on true method for testing
2018-01-18 Andrew EngelbrechtPorted TrustCommerce extension to CiviCRM 4.7.x
2017-01-23 Andrew Engelbrechttest change ; check git hook for agpl code push
2017-01-23 Andrew Engelbrechtgeneralize CC "invalid data" message
2016-04-20 Lisa Marie... blacklist changes
2015-11-23 Lisa Marie... claned up php notices and warnings
2015-07-22 Lisa Marie... another round of phpdoc
2015-07-22 Lisa Marie... another round of phpdoc
2015-07-22 Lisa Marie... Added more phpdoc comments (round1)
2015-07-22 Lisa Marie... added ignorefile for phpdoc
2015-07-08 Lisa Marie... cleaned up error
2015-04-21 Lisa Marie... Added case for stats ACCEPTED (updates)
2015-04-21 Lisa Marie... Removed extra payment gateway check.
2015-04-17 Lisa Marie... Fixed subissue
2015-04-09 Lisa Marie... fix for unsubscribe
2015-03-31 Lisa Marie... Removed authnow, this is creating the pre/postauths
2015-02-20 David ThompsonUse stored credentials because they may not be present...
2015-02-05 David ThompsonClean up extraneous whitespace.
2015-02-04 David ThompsonAdd David Thompson to authors.
2015-02-04 David ThompsonImplement updateSubscriptionBillingInfo method.
2015-02-04 David ThompsonSet start field when creating recurring payment.
2015-02-04 David ThompsonFix recurring billing handling.
2015-02-04 David ThompsonImplement changeSubscriptionAmount method.
2014-12-07 Lisa Marie... tweaked reccure
2014-12-04 Lisa Marie... fixed a typo
2014-12-04 Lisa Marie... added special error for avs failures
2014-11-24 Lisa Marie... Fixed blacklist code
2014-08-29 Lisa Marie... Updated package xml data
2014-08-29 Lisa Marie... Merged useragent blacklist logging function
2014-08-29 Lisa Marie... Fixed blacklist logging
2014-07-14 David ThompsonFix indenting in _isAgentBlacklisted and _isIPBlacklisted.
2014-07-14 David ThompsonSimplify _isBlacklisted method.
2014-07-14 Lisa Marie... First go at useragent and IP based blacklits
2014-05-19 Lisa Marie... Fixed typo!
2014-05-19 Lisa Marie... Fixed syntax errors, and function names
2014-05-19 Lisa Marie... Added logger function
2014-05-08 Lisa Marie... Changed function names for less typing.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Added GPLv3+ header.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Fixed transaction id value.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Changed cancelSubscription() to match templates.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Deleted cancelURL (is this required?). Rewrote cancelSu...
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Cleaned up formatting.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Changed comments to reflect new scope. Added offenders...
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Changed flow so doDirectPayment processes all transacti...
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Refactored doDirectPayment. Fixed documentation.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Cleaned up documentation for doDirectPayment()
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Added myself to header.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Removed misleading comment.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Refactored _doRecurPayment() slightly.
2014-04-23 Lisa Marie... Removed extra debugging. (per comment)
2014-04-22 Lisa Marie... Rewrote reoccuring donations, removed cruft, removed...
2014-04-22 Lisa Marie... Added a .gitignore
2014-04-22 Lisa Marie... Initial Commit