2018-04-11 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into live master
2018-04-11 Andrew Engelbrechtchange field name of deprecated feature
2018-01-19 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into live
2018-01-19 Ruben RodriguezCorrectly populate paymentProcessorID instead of paymen...
2017-08-03 Ruben RodriguezFixed issue with max_failure calculation
2017-03-20 Ruben RodriguezFixed issue with max_failure calculation
2017-03-13 Ruben RodriguezReinserted autocancel feature, with regression fixes
2017-03-13 Ruben RodriguezSave contribution, prevents insertion failure
2016-12-07 Ruben RodriguezFixed issue saving recurring contributions
2016-12-07 Ruben RodriguezReverted autocancel feature, moved to a branch
2016-08-15 Lisa Marie... merged changes dev lisa-autocancel
2016-08-15 Lisa Marie... First working (hackish) autocancel code failures
2016-08-02 Lisa Marie... Started fixing comments, added template for disableAuto...
2016-08-02 Lisa Marie... Added flow for removing autorenew
2016-08-02 Lisa Marie... Fixed whitespace
2016-08-02 Lisa Marie... Added a function to count successive failures
2015-12-30 Lisa Marie... fixed billingid, exluding pending from duplicates
2015-12-28 Lisa Marie... Disabled membersync component from tcIPN
2015-11-23 Lisa Marie... Fixed failed transaction handling. Cleaned up debugging...
2015-08-25 Lisa Marie... initial fixes, needs testing ffs
2015-07-09 Lisa Marie... inital commit