2000-03-15 lkehresmanadded sent_folder to config
2000-03-15 lkehresmanSaving of sent messages works..kinda
2000-03-15 gustavfAdded page_header.php to make i18n work in left_main...
2000-03-15 gustavfAdded MESSAGE-ID to header array.
2000-03-15 gustavfAdded MESSAGE-ID til header array.
2000-03-15 gustavfThings should now work even if PHP is compiled without...
2000-03-14 gustavfChanged \n to \r\n to confomr better with SMTP.
2000-03-13 lkehresmanfixed the problem with no attachments
2000-03-10 lkehresmanUpdated the changelog
2000-03-10 lkehresmanfixed a bug in my last bugfix. (:
2000-03-10 lkehresmanfixed bug in sending messages. It wasn't putting a...
2000-03-10 lkehresmanupdated some documentation
2000-03-09 lkehresmanjust made it look nicer
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed some slash problems
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed a bug with email addresses not displaying right...
2000-03-09 lkehresmanUpdated some documentation
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed renaming problems
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed bug that enabled creating folders under "noinferi...
2000-03-08 lkehresmanupdated todo
2000-03-08 gustavfNow telling people to use 2 letter language code.
2000-03-08 gustavfChanged language code for German from ger to de.
2000-03-08 gustavfNon-ascii characters caused problems with SVN function...
2000-03-07 lkehresmanupdated for german translation
2000-03-07 lkehresmanadded german translation, fixed some minor bugs.
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed a typo
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed a bug when no folders exist
2000-03-07 lkehresmanupdated changelog
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed login problems
2000-03-07 lkehresmanadded defaults if no mime type is available
2000-03-06 lkehresmanadded docs to the index in the doc/ directory
2000-03-06 nehresmaadded tree documenation
2000-03-06 nehresmadocumentation added
2000-03-06 nehresmareworded folder deleting item
2000-03-06 nehresmatook out some debugging code
2000-03-06 gustavfA little guide on how to make translations.
2000-03-05 lkehresmanAdded preference for changing left folder list size
2000-03-05 lkehresmanUpdated changelog
2000-03-05 lkehresmanRemoved font tags
2000-03-05 nehresmathink finally fixed the deleting of folders stuff.. :)
2000-03-05 lkehresmanFixed some bugs in folder deleting
2000-03-04 nehresmaremoved robust folder deletion. done
2000-03-04 nehresmasqimap_mailbox_delete was recursive and it no longer...
2000-03-04 nehresmadeleting of folders should work now
2000-03-04 nehresmatree functionality
2000-03-03 lkehresmanUpdated the changelog
2000-03-03 lkehresmanadded a theme
2000-03-03 lkehresmanadded a theme
2000-03-03 lkehresmanfixed problem with wrong messages getting deleted
2000-03-02 gustavfFixed a few bugs when setting language.
2000-03-01 gustavfAdded setting of language and a brief Norwegian transla...
2000-03-01 gustavfUpdated.
2000-03-01 gustavfAdded a constat to all files in functions/ to be able...
2000-02-29 gustavfUses the brand new configuration directive email_addres...
2000-02-29 gustavfAdded configuration option: E-mail address.
2000-02-29 gustavfTypo in last commit.
2000-02-29 gustavfAdded support for iso-8859-1 (Latin/Greek alphabet).
2000-02-29 lkehresmanifixed a few bugs with not being RFC complient
2000-02-29 gustavfFixed bug: Encoding was not set correctly when message...
2000-02-28 gustavfMoved some output, so that page_header.php can send...
2000-02-28 gustavfAdded i18n.php and moved som functionality to that...
2000-02-27 gustavfChanged parameters to sendmail.
2000-02-25 gustavfChanged name of rfc1522Decode to decodeHeader. The...
2000-02-24 lkehresmanBugfixes
2000-02-24 gustavfAdded partial support for iso-8859-15 to rfc1522Decode.
2000-02-23 gustavfFixed a few minor bugs. Mail address was wrong when...
2000-02-23 gustavfFixed decodeBody. Now handles Quoted Printable correctly.
2000-02-23 gustavfFixed bug: Bopdy was empty when replying or forwarding.
2000-02-23 gustavfAdded gettext to strings.
2000-02-22 nehresmaadditions
2000-02-22 nehresmaadded quoted printable todo
2000-02-22 gustavfAdded support for RFC1522 (MIME coding of headers).
2000-02-22 lkehresmanfixed problems with viewing messages ending with a )
2000-02-22 lkehresmanAdds message flag usage.. messages are bold if unread...
2000-02-22 lkehresmanFixed the problem with downloading attachments... they...
2000-02-22 lkehresmanUpdated documentation, fixed sorting problems in folder...
2000-02-21 gustavfFixed a problem with signatures getting added all the...
2000-02-21 lkehresmanJust updated some documentation
2000-02-21 lkehresmanUpdated translation file.
2000-02-21 lkehresmanRewrote imap functions
2000-02-21 lkehresmanRewrote IMAP functions.
2000-02-21 gustavfAdded use of signature separator.
2000-02-19 nehresmachanged the fetch command for headers to be more flexab...
2000-02-18 lkehresmanupdated the authors file
2000-02-18 lkehresmanAdded the header("Location...") to index.php
2000-02-17 nehresmaremoved whitespace at end of file
2000-02-17 nehresmadeleting folders is now recursive and should work more...
2000-02-16 lkehresmanSmall fix to folder renaming.
2000-02-16 nehresmamore debuging stuff for shane
2000-02-15 nehresmamore debug stuff for Shane
2000-02-15 nehresmafixed some html on removing a folder
2000-02-15 nehresmaadded debug info to track emptying of trash bug on...
2000-02-15 gustavfReworte the install guide.
2000-02-14 nehresmadownloading of attachment bug fix. blank line at end...
2000-02-14 nehresmabug fixes and better error messages on emptying trash
2000-02-14 gustavfMinor bug that let the user get files from any director...
2000-02-11 nehresmafixed bug where empty trash wasn't showing up
2000-02-11 nehresmafixed a couple of bugs in folder manipulation, in parti...
2000-02-11 lkehresmanUpdated some of the themes, fixed some asthetic problem...
2000-02-11 gustavfNo longer put complete filename relative to / in the...
2000-02-11 nehresmafixed some cyrus problems and a bug in reloading the...