2002-03-13 jmunrofix for bug #529576
2002-03-13 jmunrobug # 523853 Added an option to put the automatic signa...
2002-03-13 jmunrofixed bug 529327 (only occurs when not using conf.pl)
2002-03-13 simondbackout PHP<4.0.2 change as it's not supported
2002-03-13 philippe_mingoTypo Rollback
2002-03-13 philippe_mingoComments removal
2002-03-12 jmunrofilter fix on folder/rename is back in. added hooks...
2002-03-12 jmunrotook out filter fix for folder rename/delete. its broken
2002-03-12 simondMin requirement = PHP4.0.2 now
2002-03-12 simondFix problems with <PHP4.0.2 including every listed...
2002-03-11 indiri69Fix a typo and the right code for capital S with caron
2002-03-11 stekkelAdded button to forward selected messages as attachment
2002-03-11 stekkelAdded button to forward selected messages as attachment
2002-03-11 philippe_mingoSpanish translation update.
2002-03-11 philippe_mingoMain po file act.
2002-03-10 indiri69Removed testing change that had all the retrieval error...
2002-03-09 stekkelfix for broken drafts. Patch from Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-09 stekkelfix for broken draft. Patch by Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-08 stekkelbugfix
2002-03-08 stekkelchanged attachment handling by looking at the compose...
2002-03-08 stekkeladded code for opening a compose window in a new window
2002-03-08 stekkelmake it possible to attache selected messages to a...
2002-03-08 stekkeladded message/rfc822 handling
2002-03-08 stekkeladded extra variable to make it possible to add more...
2002-03-08 stekkeldifferent attachement handling. Now lookup an session...
2002-03-08 stekkeladded message/rfc822 handling
2002-03-08 stekkelnow we correctly handle message/rfc822 attachments
2002-03-08 indiri69Fixed a problem with sqimap_unseen_messages where some...
2002-03-08 simondMake sure base_uri is correct (submitted by James Lewis)
2002-03-07 simondFix to show errors if the plugin dirs can't be found
2002-03-07 stekkelAdded function to get entity header of an attached...
2002-03-06 brongNo need to write org_logo twice (Doh!)
2002-03-06 graf25Making note of the new SquirrelSpell version
2002-03-06 graf25Adding error reporting routines, by popular demand. :)
2002-03-05 stekkelreduce code by implementing function to create $to...
2002-03-05 brongAdded info about WIDTH and HEIGHT tag options
2002-03-05 brongAdded WIDTH and HEIGHT options to the logo image. ...
2002-03-04 indiri69Removed urlencode call. $rcptaddress is already encoded.
2002-03-04 indiri69Changed sendMessage call to use the new field for MDN...
2002-03-03 simondPostgreSQL should now work as a db prefs backend (and...
2002-03-03 ullgrenMade SquirrelMail display \Noselect nodes in Cyrus...
2002-03-03 teepepatch #514208 + input checking of polders page
2002-03-02 simondClear out tabs for proper spaces
2002-03-02 simondStop a repeating loop when deleting a highlight
2002-03-02 simondWe really shouldn't allow web users to access all our...
2002-03-02 jmunroadded note about 1.2.x needing register_globals on
2002-03-02 jmunrobased on bug report #497148. Limits alias expansion...
2002-03-02 jmunroapplied patch #522687. simple changes to option appearance
2002-03-02 jmunromoved filter update on folder rename/delete to
2002-03-02 jmunroI moved the filter update on folder rename/delete
2002-03-01 ullgrenFixed problem with &amp; in javascript url for Sending...
2002-03-01 philippe_mingoMDN Option added to administrator
2002-03-01 philippe_mingoIntl. Fix.
2002-03-01 simondAdd support for renaming db prefs fieldnames (this...
2002-02-28 jmunrofix for bug #512056, update filters when renaming/delet...
2002-02-28 jmunrofixed a warning when admin plugin is installed but...
2002-02-28 jmunroadded global $body to formatBody function, fixes transl...
2002-02-27 bbiceFixed removing SPAM filter preferences and added abilit...
2002-02-27 indiri69Patch to fix several problems in MagicHTML.
2002-02-27 gustavfNew dutch translation.
2002-02-26 thomppjFilter plugin fixes...
2002-02-26 jmunrofixes "orphaned" sub folders when renaming parent folder
2002-02-25 philippe_mingoSorry for the bug
2002-02-25 philippe_mingo"Marc Groot Koerkamp" <marc@its-projects.nl> patch...
2002-02-25 simondFix filename
2002-02-24 teepeI applied the patch proposed in (patch #516542)
2002-02-24 teepenewmail...
2002-02-24 teeperesume draft bug fixed #513521
2002-02-24 teeperesume draft bug fixed #513521
2002-02-24 teepeallow admin disabling of sound
2002-02-24 teepeallow admin disabling of sound
2002-02-23 philippe_mingoPhilippe Mingo
2002-02-23 simondFix problem reported by Aleksander Piotrowski
2002-02-22 teepegoing on with 1.2.6 cvs
2002-02-22 teepe1.2.5 Notes in doc
2002-02-22 teepegoing on -- defrost
2002-02-22 teepegetting ready for 1.2.5
2002-02-22 teepegetting ready for 1.2.5
2002-02-22 teepemultipart/mixed patch of Seth ER
2002-02-22 brongFix little bug where base_uri is '/' causing the 'Pleas...
2002-02-22 kinkurlencode emailaddress
2002-02-22 graf25Updating the Russian translation.
2002-02-21 kinkUpdated Dutch translation
2002-02-21 kinkSmall typo fix
2002-02-21 philippe_mingoMailbox list cached
2002-02-21 philippe_mingoClean indentation
2002-02-21 kink'Updated help files'
2002-02-21 kinkFinalize updated help files.
2002-02-21 philippe_mingoStrings update as 1.2.5 freeze
2002-02-20 jmunroadded search page changes and new window option
2002-02-20 jmunroadded myself
2002-02-20 jmunrofixed a warning and the return key submits the form...
2002-02-20 simondNote about db prefs not currently working on postgres
2002-02-20 simondRemove &amp usage from Location headers
2002-02-20 simondRemove incorrect &amp usage
2002-02-20 bbiceadded dev.null.dk, visi.com, 2mbit.com, Leadmon, and...
2002-02-19 teepefix of David Rees
2002-02-19 teepemake the default of identity editing backwards compatible
2002-02-19 teepeone PHP waning less
2002-02-19 philippe_mingoThose ones can't be printed with &amp; as they're into...