2004-04-27 tokultranslator moved to other address
2004-04-26 janglissFix the link here for search strings
2004-04-26 kinkImprove HTML escaping
2004-04-26 kinkHTML escaping.
2004-04-26 kinkEscape HTML output and add vim syntax hint.
2004-04-26 braverock- remove first !IE6 check and send Pragma and NoCache...
2004-04-26 stekkelBypass foldLine functions for email addresses to avoid...
2004-04-26 kinkResponses from servers could legitimately contain ...
2004-04-26 kinkUse forms.php functions.
2004-04-25 tokulone more formating fix
2004-04-25 tokul:( pre tags placed in wrong place.
2004-04-25 tokulthis way it looks better.
2004-04-25 tokuladding sq_htmlentities function
2004-04-25 tokulphpdoc formating fixes
2004-04-25 tokulnot sure, why message details provides this hook. If...
2004-04-22 stekkelrollback
2004-04-22 stekkelrollback. To many dependencies. I thought there was...
2004-04-22 stekkelthis looks better ;)
2004-04-22 stekkelreminder for people that want to use the capability...
2004-04-22 stekkel$enable_server_sort => $disable_server_sort.
2004-04-22 stekkelShould have done this a long time ago. Rely on the...
2004-04-22 stekkelclean up.
2004-04-22 stekkelundo urlencoding of the querystring because it doesn...
2004-04-22 stekkelrollback
2004-04-22 stekkelUndo my stupidity
2004-04-21 stekkelsession_set_cookie_params moved to sqsession_is_active
2004-04-21 stekkelSet the base path before every session_start in case...
2004-04-21 stekkelfixes.
2004-04-21 stekkelmerge back from stable, rfc2821 fix. Fall back to HELO...
2004-04-21 tokulupdating pot
2004-04-21 tokulwas->were fix
2004-04-20 alex-brainstormRemove debug statement
2004-04-20 stekkelprohibit message sets other then a single id when fetch...
2004-04-20 stekkel$checked => $exclude
2004-04-19 kinkSome more use of forms.php functions which ensure corre...
2004-04-19 kinkUse form functions in mailbox_display
2004-04-18 janglissXSS Fix
2004-04-18 janglissThat'll teach me to copy/paste without paying attention
2004-04-18 janglissEncode the < > to stop text from acting as HTML.
2004-04-18 janglissUsing QUERY_STRING without sanitizing it is BAD......
2004-04-18 tokulUpdating pot
2004-04-18 tokulphpdoc blocks.
2004-04-18 tokulmarking function as private.
2004-04-18 tokulphpdoc updates
2004-04-18 tokulpatch allows to read README file from plugins directory.
2004-04-18 tokuladding address book sorting function
2004-04-18 tokuladding list sort options. no sort indicator yet.
2004-04-16 tokulcleaning the code
2004-04-16 tokulsame fix as stable
2004-04-15 tokulrg=off fix.
2004-04-13 tokulString changes
2004-04-13 tokulremoved $_ variables.
2004-04-13 tokulremoving gifs. system uses png images.
2004-04-13 tokulremoving gifs. system uses png files
2004-04-13 tokulquick fix to use sqgetGlobalVar instead of $_POST
2004-04-12 tokulupdating pot
2004-04-12 tokulmoving $_SERVER to sqgetGlobalVar
2004-04-12 tokulremoving double spaces and html formating fixes
2004-04-12 tokulsmall formating fixes.
2004-04-12 tokulcleaning up depreciated code.
2004-04-12 tokulusing png images instead of gifs
2004-04-12 tokultwo more subpackage blocks
2004-04-12 tokulmoving forms to separate subpackage. It is easier to...
2004-04-12 tokulmissing phpdoc declaration
2004-04-12 tokulMoving addressbook functions to separate phpdoc subpackage.
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc fix.
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc fixes
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulsome phpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc blocks and lowercasing html elements
2004-04-12 tokuladding phpdoc block
2004-04-12 tokulConverting names to gettext. adding phpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulAdding images in png format
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc blocks and one more string
2004-04-12 tokuladding phpdoc blocks. @access private is used to hide...
2004-04-12 tokuladded phpdoc blocks.
2004-04-12 tokuladding phpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulremoved CR's and added phpdoc block
2004-04-12 tokulfixing phpdoc warnings re:SM_PATH. Moving Id tags to...
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc updates
2004-04-12 janglissUpdate
2004-04-12 janglissFix for resume on draft breaking From: being a differen...
2004-04-10 pdontthinkOops, last commit included custom_from plugin patches...
2004-04-10 tokulupdating pot. p.s. there is one more pot in locales...
2004-04-09 pdontthinkI18N fix submitted by Fredrik Jervfors
2004-04-09 pdontthinkTypo
2004-04-08 tokulDon't use htmlentities() to sanitize input/output.
2004-04-08 tokulhtml formating fixes and one more string.
2004-04-08 tokulFixing spelling
2004-04-08 tokulFixing spelling mistake
2004-04-08 tokulbugfix. table was incorrectly closed when system had...
2004-04-07 tokulUpdating pot
2004-04-05 stekkelFixed sending MDN messages. According RFC2298:
2004-04-05 tokuladds international date/time support. am/pm thing is...
2004-04-05 kinkAdd my homepage
2004-04-03 kinkOnly check for DB if using that; explicitly check the...
2004-04-03 tokulAdding php pear db tests
2004-03-31 ebullientDon't gripe about not being able to read the attachment...
2004-03-31 tokulall options in one place.