2008-03-11 pdontthinkAdding FIXME notes
2008-03-10 jervforsFixing variable not parsed through PHP. Thanks to Scott...
2008-03-08 jervforsUpdating use of sqgetGlobalVar.
2008-03-08 jervforsUpdating my previous comments.
2008-03-07 pdontthinkFix wrong comment syntax. Thanks Thierry Godefroy.
2008-03-06 jervforsViewing unsafe images is a core functionality, so I...
2008-03-06 pdontthinkAdd radio button group widget type SMOPT_TYPE_STRLIST_RADIO
2008-03-05 pdontthinkAdd yes_text and no_text option attributes that allow...
2008-03-05 pdontthinkBoolean option widgets now default to checkboxes
2008-03-05 pdontthinkMake the caption for checkboxes a label for the checkbox
2008-03-05 pdontthinkCreate specific boolean radio widget
2008-03-05 pdontthinkAdd info about new option widget types
2008-03-05 pdontthinkAdd checkbox type of boolean option widget
2008-03-05 pdontthinkFix spacing on options pages
2008-03-04 pdontthinkAdd convenience function; keep track of multi-value...
2008-03-04 pdontthinkAdd FIXME
2008-03-03 kinkget_magic_quotes_* functions deprecated in PHP 5.3...
2008-03-01 jervforsAdding comments.
2008-02-29 pdontthinkAdd sq_send_mail()
2008-02-28 pdontthinkGuarantee we have an array
2008-02-28 pdontthinkGuarantee we have an array
2008-02-27 pdontthinkAvoid PHP errors when adding to empty list
2008-02-26 pdontthinkAdd docs
2008-02-26 pdontthinkPrevent PHP notices when possible values is not given
2008-02-26 pdontthinkJust remove 'inside' hooks, which make no sense in...
2008-02-26 pdontthinkRemove some HTML from the core
2008-02-26 pdontthinkUse a template for the edit list widget
2008-02-25 pdontthinkAdd multiple select string list option widget
2008-02-24 pdontthinkAdd 'edit list' type option widget
2008-02-24 pdontthinkDon't presume output format
2008-02-20 pdontthinkFix broken MDN functionality
2008-02-20 pdontthinkFix broken default value for 'save as draft' and fix...
2008-02-16 jervforsTypo.
2008-02-15 pdontthinkFixed broken default link for plain text attachments
2008-02-13 pdontthinkMake To column header clickable like From is
2008-02-13 pdontthinkChange approach for making things like Message-ID avail...
2008-02-12 pdontthinkCorrect since tag
2008-02-11 kinkother part of r12925
2008-02-10 pdontthinkDon't capitalize PHP fxns
2008-02-10 pdontthinkCorrect value of undefined hostname
2008-02-10 kinkreset token when another < is detected, to ensure that...
2008-02-10 kinkimprove message ID generation: put together a string...
2008-02-10 kinkfix duplicate htmlspecialchars of $sTmp; this comes...
2008-02-10 kinkadd space to improve display
2008-02-10 kinkfix spelling of variable name which made its meaning...
2008-02-10 kinkseparate multiple addresses with ",", put as much on...
2008-02-10 kinkadd space for nicer formatting
2008-02-07 jervforsReinserting support for the "iframe_height" option...
2008-02-06 pdontthinkCorrect disappearing addresses when address book entry...
2008-02-06 pdontthinkMake message ID available after message is sent. Not...
2008-02-05 pdontthinkX-Priority Low is 5, not 3. Thanks Thierry Godefroy.
2008-01-30 pdontthinkAdd "alreadyFocused" functionality to login page
2008-01-30 pdontthinkFix undefined field problem
2008-01-30 pdontthinkFix incorrect case of sort fields; strip repetative...
2008-01-29 pdontthinkDon't let more general attachment plugins override...
2008-01-29 pdontthinkMake sure plugins have the last say for all attachment...
2008-01-29 pdontthinkAvoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-29 pdontthinkAvoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-29 pdontthinkJust adding some notes
2008-01-24 kinkmake MiB/KiB translatable
2008-01-24 kinktree.php always requires a set of imap functionality...
2008-01-24 kinkonly execute mailbox name manipulation when we actually...
2008-01-24 kinkfix string, thanks Thierry Godefroy
2008-01-17 jervforsAdding comments.
2008-01-15 pdontthinkRevert last change
2008-01-15 pdontthinkFixed recently changed string
2008-01-15 pdontthinkUsing str_replace instead of sprintf because some langu...
2008-01-15 jervforsIncluding more strings in the template.
2008-01-15 jervforsRemoving HTML from a string.
2008-01-15 jervforsFixing non-translatable strings. Thanks to intrigeri...
2008-01-13 pdontthinkAdded "Secured Configuration" mode
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkAlso use $nbsp here as well
2008-01-06 pdontthinkA few output elements are used often, so just retrieve...
2008-01-06 pdontthinkSerialize option types whose values are not scalar...
2008-01-06 pdontthinkMake message details link a non-relative URI. Thanks...
2008-01-06 pdontthinkFix missing return value for deliverMessage(). Thanks...
2008-01-06 pdontthinkClarify sloppy variable name usage
2008-01-06 pdontthinksqsetcookie is called every time sqsession_is_active...
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkavoid E_STRICT errors
2008-01-06 pdontthinkCorrect misplaced code
2008-01-05 pdontthinkAllow preview pane message list refresh mechanism to...
2008-01-05 pdontthinkAdd ability to force message list refresh
2008-01-05 pdontthinkForm values come to PHP as strings, so default comparis...
2008-01-05 pdontthinkNotes about HTML we need to remove
2008-01-05 pdontthinkBe explicit about empty form action
2008-01-05 pdontthinkCorrect some misplaced comments
2008-01-05 pdontthinkClean up variable naming and function docs.
2008-01-05 pdontthinkVariable name correction
2008-01-04 pdontthinkAhhhh. I hate having to aim for checkboxes