2002-04-02 jmunrofix for bug #511673
2002-04-02 thomppjsmall aesthetic fix
2002-04-01 jmunromore fixes for prev/next, this should do it....
2002-04-01 simondCommit fixes courtesy of Ryan O'Neill
2002-04-01 jmunrofixes previous/next on read_body when using server...
2002-04-01 graf25Fix for the \n and \r\n problem with sendmail vs smtp...
2002-04-01 kinkFix bug #534795 concerning logo height broken
2002-04-01 jmunrofix pref/next links when using server-side sorting
2002-04-01 jmunroadded a server-side sorting option. set gloablly in...
2002-04-01 graf25Fix for bug #506721
2002-04-01 graf25Adding a strtoupper() call to make sure that charsets...
2002-04-01 graf25Making a note about file_uploads.
2002-03-31 ullgrenFixed so that quoted text in replies becomes readable...
2002-03-30 ullgrenNames are now better sorted
2002-03-30 ullgrenFixed small bug in handeling timezone (bug #536149)
2002-03-30 philippe_mingoDoc. logout error message.
2002-03-30 philippe_mingoSome optimization on frequent loaded code.
2002-03-29 graf25Documenting the theme-as-cookie exploit fix.
2002-03-29 philippe_mingoStrings update.
2002-03-29 graf25A quick-fix for the reported exploit with themes.
2002-03-29 graf25Putting in Jon's cleanups (fixed up by me)
2002-03-28 jmunrodisable thread sort from search page output, not compat...
2002-03-28 jmunroAdded a server-side thread sort option. disabled by...
2002-03-28 brongLittle bit of tidying up
2002-03-27 ondrassUpdated some Czech strings
2002-03-25 bbiceremoved bulkquery binary
2002-03-25 bbiceAdded BINDROOT var to Makefile
2002-03-25 philippe_mingoFrode Nordahl <frode@nordahl.net>
2002-03-25 philippe_mingo"hocus" <hocus@dronet.pl>
2002-03-25 bbiceinitial checkin for bulkquery
2002-03-25 bbiceAdded options for Shared Cache and Bulkquery program
2002-03-24 philippe_mingoBugfix
2002-03-24 philippe_mingoRedirect the wrong access to the root pf the folder...
2002-03-24 philippe_mingoNon-ascii characters caused problems with SVN function...
2002-03-23 philippe_mingoOptimizarion:
2002-03-23 philippe_mingoOptimization:
2002-03-23 philippe_mingoOptimization:
2002-03-23 philippe_mingoOptimization:
2002-03-21 indiri69Added entry about IMAP parsing fixes.
2002-03-21 simondMake spacing more even when combining header lines
2002-03-21 simondHandle multiline headers (thanks to Christian Schmidt)
2002-03-21 simondRemove tabs and fix org height/width (thanks to Craig...
2002-03-21 jmunroAdded correct References header support per rfc2822
2002-03-21 bbiceRemoved dead orbz.org filters
2002-03-20 simondMake error message a bit more useful
2002-03-20 simondmention postgres support
2002-03-20 stekkelAdded changes by me to the Changelog
2002-03-20 simondInclude Cc in forwarded message, with option to toggle...
2002-03-19 jmunrofixed a problem with preg_match when mailbox delimiter...
2002-03-19 jmunroa little more clean-up
2002-03-19 jmunrotweaking special folder sub folder fix
2002-03-19 jmunroupdate
2002-03-19 jmunrofix orphaned subfolders on the folder list when they...
2002-03-19 brong*** empty log message ***
2002-03-19 jmunroadded 'References:' and 'In-Reply-To:' to sqimap_get_sm...
2002-03-19 jmunroFixes filters kicking in on login, added 'webmail_botto...
2002-03-19 brongProtection against non-existant $msort to fix Debian...
2002-03-18 indiri69Added more of Jon Tai's fixes.
2002-03-18 jmunrofixed $custom_css (ended up in single quotes after...
2002-03-18 philippe_mingoMarco Ciullini <marco.ciullini@datamar.it>
2002-03-18 brongFix for bug #505216 - Folder Prefix always getting...
2002-03-17 philippe_mingoQC. Some code cleanup to avoid line overflow on mail...
2002-03-17 brongMake the Edit and Delete links actually appear if you...
2002-03-17 simondFix to show current language rather than always Default
2002-03-17 philippe_mingoNew strings regarding height and width
2002-03-17 philippe_mingoSmall QC check
2002-03-17 philippe_mingoCorrected default value for width and height of logo
2002-03-17 philippe_mingoModified default width and height logo image.
2002-03-16 indiri69Tons of formatting changes by Jon Tai.
2002-03-16 simondAdd org logo width/height to the admin plugin
2002-03-16 indiri69Fix IMAP PARSE reponse matching. This should get rid...
2002-03-16 indiri69Fix IMAP parsing to properly match Non-FETCH reponses.
2002-03-15 jmunroremoved left-over quote, thanks Jim Hranicky
2002-03-15 stekkelsupport user option sort by internal date
2002-03-15 stekkeladded user option to support message sort by internal...
2002-03-15 stekkeladded option to sort messages by internal date instead...
2002-03-15 stekkelfix for not defined $sort
2002-03-14 philippe_mingo"Tomas Kuliavas" <tokul@users.sourceforge.net>
2002-03-14 philippe_mingoRalf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de>
2002-03-14 philippe_mingo"-= M.J. Prinsen =-" <various@bovendelft.xs4all.nl>
2002-03-14 philippe_mingoFabio Mengue - Centro de Computacao - Unicamp
2002-03-13 jmunrofix for bug #529576
2002-03-13 jmunrobug # 523853 Added an option to put the automatic signa...
2002-03-13 jmunrofixed bug 529327 (only occurs when not using conf.pl)
2002-03-13 simondbackout PHP<4.0.2 change as it's not supported
2002-03-13 philippe_mingoTypo Rollback
2002-03-13 philippe_mingoComments removal
2002-03-12 jmunrofilter fix on folder/rename is back in. added hooks...
2002-03-12 jmunrotook out filter fix for folder rename/delete. its broken
2002-03-12 simondMin requirement = PHP4.0.2 now
2002-03-12 simondFix problems with <PHP4.0.2 including every listed...
2002-03-11 indiri69Fix a typo and the right code for capital S with caron
2002-03-11 stekkelAdded button to forward selected messages as attachment
2002-03-11 stekkelAdded button to forward selected messages as attachment
2002-03-11 philippe_mingoSpanish translation update.
2002-03-11 philippe_mingoMain po file act.
2002-03-10 indiri69Removed testing change that had all the retrieval error...
2002-03-09 stekkelfix for broken drafts. Patch from Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-09 stekkelfix for broken draft. Patch by Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-08 stekkelbugfix