2002-02-19 brongDisable invalid <BASE> tags, fix 100% problem, & -...
2002-02-19 brong100% quote to "100%"
2002-02-19 brong&amp; fixes, javascript type addition, remove a CELLSPA...
2002-02-19 brongPrint javascript Content-Type to be HTML 4.0 complient
2002-02-19 brongFix & in URLs to &amp; for correctness of HTML, also...
2002-02-19 brongFix & in URLs to &amp; for correctness of HTML, also...
2002-02-19 brongMove javascript from between <head> and <body> into...
2002-02-19 fidianWarning removal.
2002-02-18 dahancUpdates to fi_FI from Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom...
2002-02-17 ullgrenAdded timezone.cfg
2002-02-17 teepePHP 4.1 fixing by Jon
2002-02-17 simondShould really use a persistant DB connection
2002-02-16 teepeSeth Randall, take 2
2002-02-15 teepeSeth Randall
2002-02-15 philippe_mingo> Subject: Yahoo Mail Failure.
2002-02-15 thomppjSimple simple fix...
2002-02-15 philippe_mingo"Seth E. Randall" <sethr@missoulafcu.org> Bug fix
2002-02-14 ullgrenAdded userspace configurable timezone
2002-02-14 dahancUpdates to nl_NL from M.J. Prinsen
2002-02-14 simondTidy up indenting, etc using perltidy
2002-02-14 philippe_mingoDelete move next fix. Includes strings translation...
2002-02-14 simondfix to support multiple sigs
2002-02-14 philippe_mingoAdded signature into multiple identities.
2002-02-13 ullgren should be false by default (sorry, again) ;-P
2002-02-13 ullgrenrenamed -> , sqimap_mailbox_select has five arguments...
2002-02-13 ullgrenminor spelling error
2002-02-13 jmunroFixed bug with double error messages
2002-02-13 ullgrensqimap_messages_flag and sqimap_messages_remove_flag...
2002-02-13 simondFix some typos
2002-02-13 philippe_mingoTylerisation
2002-02-13 simondwould help if I kept it in order...
2002-02-13 simondadd a missed option to admin plugin
2002-02-13 simondadd myself to the list
2002-02-13 philippe_mingoMarc variant for the messages flags.
2002-02-13 simondAllow admin to choose whether to enable the changing...
2002-02-13 simondMake case insensitive string comparisons for boolean...
2002-02-13 philippe_mingoNow check config.php before trying to write.
2002-02-13 simondSome cleanup and proper default for frame_top
2002-02-12 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-12 philippe_mingoBug fix
2002-02-12 jmunrofixed bug with multiple terms and UW
2002-02-12 philippe_mingoBugfix, remove bcc and cc display when empty
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-11 jmunrofix for save draft
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoBugfix in draft folders
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoBugfix in generate random string.
2002-02-11 dahancFix RCSID again
2002-02-11 dahancUpdates to fi_FI from Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom...
2002-02-11 jmunrofixing yet another warning
2002-02-11 jmunrofixed several warnings about Undefined vars
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoNew spanish strings
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoStrings from new compose window
2002-02-11 jmunrofixed another translation issue
2002-02-11 jmunroFixed Missing translation on Compose link
2002-02-11 jmunroAdded a "compose in new window" option located in displ...
2002-02-10 ullgrenAdded Marc Koerkamp for his MDN code
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoereg => preg
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoSome cleanup
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoOne more intl.
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoThis commit contains several syntax fix.
2002-02-10 ullgrenFixed bug with Cyrus and SendMDN. SquirrelMail wasn...
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoTranslation of the Read: subject
2002-02-09 thomppjThis is Philippe Mingo
2002-02-09 ullgrenFixed body retrival error on cyrus. (removed trailing...
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoTylerisation
2002-02-09 ullgren*** empty log message ***
2002-02-09 ullgrenAdded support for requesting on delivery reciepts
2002-02-09 ullgrenAdded the possibility for plugins to change Content...
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoConfirmation checkbox moved
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoText MDN fixed
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoMDN
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoMDN Support. First approach.
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoMDN support. First approach.
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoAdded the hability to introduce external strings.
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoThe module was not honoring some mails in uw, the probl...
2002-02-08 philippe_mingoTylerization
2002-02-08 philippe_mingoRetrieval error reformated.
2002-02-08 jmunrofix enter button to submit form with certain browsers...
2002-02-08 philippe_mingoOoops.
2002-02-08 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-07 philippe_mingoSmall bugfix
2002-02-07 simondSmall updates
2002-02-07 philippe_mingoUpdate
2002-02-07 simondI should really have checked if the database is opened...
2002-02-07 philippe_mingopo update
2002-02-07 philippe_mingoToma. Zupan <tomaz.zupan@orpo.si>
2002-02-07 jmunrosmall changes/fixes. duplicate searches are not saved...
2002-02-06 philippe_mingoSome uniformity into the sec index.php flavor
2002-02-06 simondRemove output of globals from conf.pl as the administra...
2002-02-06 philippe_mingoTylerization
2002-02-06 philippe_mingoBugfix
2002-02-06 philippe_mingoThere was a problem when passing arrays to the decode...
2002-02-05 bbiceRemoved orbz.gst-group.co.uk and added sbl.spamhaus.org
2002-02-05 graf25Just an extra precaution. ;)
2002-02-05 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-05 philippe_mingoCorrect indentation
2002-02-05 philippe_mingoOptimization
2002-02-05 philippe_mingo"-= M.J. Prinsen =-" <various@bovendelft.xs4all.nl>
2002-02-05 philippe_mingoTomas Kuliavas <tokul@users.sourceforge.net>