2005-10-09 jervforsUpdate
2005-10-09 tokulif html attachment has character set information, it...
2005-10-09 tokulupdating translators' list
2005-10-04 tokulsimplified check. thanks, Jon.
2005-10-04 tokulexplaining $plugins tests
2005-09-24 tokulfix imap command. \r\n is added by sqimap_run_command...
2005-09-24 pdontthinkFixed/restored reply focus functionality
2005-09-20 tokuladded more configuration controls
2005-09-20 tokulboth examples posted on mailing list nuke abook files...
2005-09-19 tokuladd bincimap to top list
2005-09-18 jervforsphpDocumentor updates
2005-09-13 tokulremoved local directory name used for testing.
2005-09-12 tokulTomas Kuliavas wrote:
2005-09-12 tokulOriginal file 2 sql export script posted by Michael...
2005-09-11 jervforsAdding kink's instuctions
2005-09-11 jervforsSpell fix
2005-09-11 jervforsAdding translator
2005-09-11 jervforsSpell fix
2005-09-11 jervforsAdding more index.php files
2005-09-11 tokulone more identity action to process
2005-09-10 tokuladding bincimap preset
2005-09-10 tokulstyle fix
2005-09-10 tokulinformation about db and configtest changes.
2005-09-10 tokuladding database field size checks (#1233721)
2005-09-10 tokuladding rg=on test
2005-09-09 tokulinformation about bincimap
2005-09-07 pdontthinkFocus fix
2005-09-06 pdontthinkDon't auto-focus on compose form when user has already...
2005-09-06 pdontthinkcheckForJavascript never returns SMPRF_JS_AUTODETECT
2005-09-04 tokulhide other special folders
2005-09-04 jervforsUpdate
2005-09-04 jervforsReverting strings (didn't work out in all languages)
2005-09-03 jervforsUpdate
2005-09-03 jervforsString fix
2005-09-03 jervforsUpdate
2005-09-03 jervforsRecycling existing strings
2005-09-03 jervforsString fix
2005-09-03 jervforsString and PHP fix
2005-09-03 tokulreread what I've wrote :(
2005-09-03 tokuladding missing identity hooks
2005-08-28 kinkUse shell exec so we can escape the fortune output.
2005-08-23 kinkRemove data/ dir from distribution, update docs accordi...
2005-08-23 janglissFix for 1222436. Forwarding broken when compose in...
2005-08-23 jervforsphpDoc fix
2005-08-22 cigamitFix a small typo (at least I assume)
2005-08-21 tokuldon't allow use of starttls on ldap socket connection
2005-08-21 tokulplace login form elements before login button. #1245070.
2005-08-21 tokulconvert character set in html messages
2005-08-20 jervforsHTML fix
2005-08-17 tokultypo.
2005-08-15 jervforsPHP 4.4.0 notice: Only variables should be assigned...
2005-08-14 jervforsPHP 4.4.0 notice: Only variables should be assigned...
2005-08-11 janglissDon't attempt to delete a mailbox that does not exist.
2005-08-10 tokulremove html formating from error messages. XSS fixes...
2005-08-10 tokulremoved references from abook_database.php
2005-08-10 tokulremoving references from backend functions. lookup...
2005-08-06 stekkelRespect the error_reporting setting in php.ini and...
2005-08-06 stekkelDo not use $key as varname outside functions because...
2005-08-06 tokulphpdoc fix.
2005-08-06 tokulupdate pot and add locale options to xgetpo script
2005-08-06 tokulremoving $available_languages option
2005-08-06 tokulmoving administrator check to option block registration...
2005-08-06 tokulsome languages use syntax that can't be adapted for...
2005-08-06 tokuladding -c option to msgfmt calls in order to detect...
2005-08-03 kinkReplace PHP4 -> PHP since we also support upcoming...
2005-08-03 stekkel* sync matches and replacement arrays again in magicHtml()
2005-08-03 tokulchmod 700 locale
2005-08-03 tokulmore php 4.1.2 testing. it is possible that ini_get...
2005-08-03 tokulusing B encoding with headers in multibyte character...
2005-08-03 tokulglob exists only in 4.3.0+
2005-08-02 kinkAllow configure to be ran from any directory, thanks...
2005-08-02 tokulinformation about $languages update
2005-08-02 tokul$languages are moved to locale/<localename>/setup.php...
2005-08-02 tokulinvalid doc entry
2005-08-02 tokulB encoding code is unstable. needs more coding and...
2005-08-02 tokulremoving obsolate file
2005-08-02 tokulinformation about SquirrelSpell fix
2005-08-02 tokulfix gettext and sprintf formating now. work on error_bo...
2005-08-01 tokulinformation about newmail and abook_ldap_server changes
2005-08-01 tokuldon't use full URL in sounds media preferences.
2005-08-01 tokulstrip basedn from nickname.
2005-07-31 tokulinstead of retrieving text with 'Download as a file...
2005-07-31 tokuladding workaround for encoding of long multibyte header...
2005-07-31 tokuladding dgettext and dngettext function support and...
2005-07-31 tokulmoving include to the top.
2005-07-31 tokuldisplay list of attachments on printer friendly page.
2005-07-31 tokuladd php5 E_STRICT support and disable logging of disabl...
2005-07-31 tokuladd one more timezone check and some US time zone names.
2005-07-31 tokulin theme loading fails, $color is not set.
2005-07-31 tokulremoving reference. it is not needed and causes E_NOTIC...
2005-07-31 tokulcode was checked, when similar code was debugged on...
2005-07-29 tokulautomatic translation loading code. disabled, see comments.
2005-07-29 tokulusing base_uri instead of SM_PATH.
2005-07-28 stekkelError handling and more templates
2005-07-28 stekkelTemplates
2005-07-28 stekkelIntroduce error handling
2005-07-28 stekkelinclude css file (templates)
2005-07-28 stekkelStart with css.
2005-07-25 jervforsUpdating theme documentation
2005-07-20 stekkelMake sure mailboxnames like INBOX_Blah doesn't match...