2003-10-19 tokulAdded information about removed translations and cleane...
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. th_TH
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations sv_SE
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. sr_YU
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. sl_SI
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. sk_SK
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. ru_RU
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help. pt_PT
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. pt_BR
2003-10-19 tokulremoging help translations. pl_PL
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. nl_NL
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. lt_LT
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. ko_KR
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. ja_JP
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. it_IT
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. id_ID
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. fr_FR
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving help translations. fi_FI
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving help translations. es_ES
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. de_DE
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translation. da_DK
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. cy_GB
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations cs_CZ
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. ca_ES
2003-10-19 tokulremoving help translations. bg_BG
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part five
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part four
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part three
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part two
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part one.
2003-10-19 tokulInformation about locales
2003-10-17 tassiumDon't assume the charset is specified - fallback to...
2003-10-17 pdontthinkFix: php_self() not working right for Windoze servers...
2003-10-16 tassiumNeed to escape $oldway in the print statement.
2003-10-15 tokulfixing plugin. original function failed to get message...
2003-10-15 tokulpatch adds options that allow setting max size of fetch...
2003-10-13 stekkelfilters.php wasn't working with UID's so I rewrote...
2003-10-13 janglissAdvanced mailbox (oldway and advancedtree) mode wasn...
2003-10-13 tokulmore options that are changed in config
2003-10-13 tokulsame strings in to options
2003-10-13 tokul$advanced_tree and $oldway can be set in conf.pl
2003-10-13 tokulUpdating pot
2003-10-13 tokulboolean should be entered without quotes. missed that.
2003-10-13 tokulAdds language options in config.
2003-10-12 tokulAdded iso-ir-111 support. one of cyrillic charsets...
2003-10-08 tokuladded )
2003-10-08 tokulFixing lines that cause warnings with xgettext
2003-10-08 tokulDisabled Vietnamese (mix of html codes, Vietnamese...
2003-10-06 tokulNo more po/squirrelmail.po, information about po/mergep...
2003-10-05 pdontthinkoops! typo!
2003-10-05 tokulUpdated pot
2003-10-05 tokulChanging string in order to disable incorrect c-format...
2003-10-05 tokulDecoding support added when replying or forwarding...
2003-10-05 tokulAlternative language name support. Currently $show_alte...
2003-10-03 graf25HTML Filter bugfixes and further strengthening.
2003-10-02 pdontthinknew pref for reply cursor focus
2003-10-02 pdontthinkPreference that lets the whiners set cursor focus as...
2003-10-01 stekkelFix for paginator, 1 * 0.75 evaluates as 0. 1 * 3/4...
2003-10-01 tokulswitch to utf-8
2003-09-30 tassiumCorrected a few typos.
2003-09-30 tassiumRemoved code that forces $uid_support = true, since...
2003-09-30 tassiumMade sure $uid_support is forced true for those who...
2003-09-29 tassiumconf.pl no longer offers to detect auth methods if...
2003-09-29 philippe_mingoSpanish Update
2003-09-29 tokulAdding decoding support for two DOSCyr charsets and...
2003-09-29 tokulBugfix of 810047
2003-09-27 pdontthinkPut display code together where it belongs and fix...
2003-09-27 kinkDisplay the total of new messages in the newmail popup.
2003-09-26 tassiumRemove extra HELO sent when using $smtp_auth_mech ...
2003-09-26 pdontthinkNew hook for decoding message body
2003-09-26 pdontthinkNew hook for decoding message body
2003-09-25 stekkelbetter fix for bug #812690
2003-09-25 stekkelfix for security exploit described in bug #812690 repor...
2003-09-24 stekkelRewrote sqimap_fread to make it work on PHP 4.3.2.
2003-09-24 tassiumRemoved UID support as a toggleable option.
2003-09-23 tassiumBy request, SASL PLAIN for IMAP and SMTP.
2003-09-23 tokulsk_SK updates. four changed strings.
2003-09-23 tokulsk_SK help updates
2003-09-23 tokulpt_BR updates by Marcos
2003-09-23 tokulnl_NL updates by M.J.Prinsen. Tue, 23 Sep 2003 00:46...
2003-09-20 tokul"Why do we need file extensions, when we have Unix...
2003-09-20 tokulRemoved obsolate strings
2003-09-19 stekkelfixes
2003-09-18 alex-brainstormAdd an option for showing recipient name instead of...
2003-09-18 stekkelfix for personal names with "," inside it. This will...
2003-09-18 stekkelCLOSE the selected mailbox (unselect) before we delete it.
2003-09-15 pdontthinkRemoved Osirusoft since they are no longer around
2003-09-15 alex-brainstormThe real nbsp fix, which preserves & too. Spotted by...
2003-09-15 tassiumMention merc/32 defaults in conf.pl
2003-09-15 tassiumTentative support for mercury/32 as a preset.
2003-09-14 pdontthinkFix javascript error
2003-09-13 pdontthinktypos
2003-09-13 pdontthinkJust adding ID attribute to body textarea
2003-09-11 stekkelhandle_errors => false. Fail Silently.
2003-09-11 alex-brainstormFrench translation update
2003-09-10 tokulSlovak translation updates from Booster13 at centrum.cz.
2003-09-10 kinkChangeLog
2003-09-10 kinkIn month view, sort events on a day by starttime so...
2003-09-08 tokulpt_BR updates from Marcos
2003-09-07 tokulDutch updates for SM cvs