2002-07-05 stekkelRemoved the view header routines out of read_body.php
2002-07-05 stekkelexperimental function for templates
2002-07-05 stekkeladded function for setting the uri vars ([&\?] somethin...
2002-07-04 stakadushSmall change to xgetpo. When I added plugins/abook_take...
2002-07-04 stakadushUpdated Hebrew po file.
2002-07-04 stakadushUpdated po/squirrelmail.po file with strings in abook_take.
2002-07-04 stakadush*** empty log message ***
2002-07-04 stakadush*** empty log message ***
2002-07-03 stekkelincluded imap_parse.php
2002-07-03 stekkelplace to put parse functions
2002-07-03 stekkelput all the information returned from a select in the...
2002-07-01 simondRemove obsolete text
2002-06-28 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-27 centaurixupgraded to version 1.4 and debugged
2002-06-27 centaurixupdated/moved plugin from plugins/abook_take to squirre...
2002-06-27 centaurixfixed missing prefs.php require_once to use getPref...
2002-06-27 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-27 philippe_mingobugfix
2002-06-27 centaurixremoved $search_stuff from link to read_body.php it...
2002-06-26 philippe_mingobugfix
2002-06-26 philippe_mingor2l
2002-06-26 philippe_mingor2l by yoav
2002-06-26 philippe_mingo"Kent B. Hansen" <kent@tpv.dk> & r2l by Yoav
2002-06-26 philippe_mingobugfix
2002-06-25 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-25 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-25 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingoBugfix
2002-06-24 philippe_mingoUpdated po file
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingo"-= M.J. Prinsen =-" <various@bovendelft.xs4all.nl>
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingoRollback
2002-06-24 philippe_mingoR2L by Yoav
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l job in progress (help by Yoav)
2002-06-23 centaurixchanged preg_match from /AU to /AUi flags to catch...
2002-06-21 philippe_mingoBugfix
2002-06-21 graf25More XSS refinements. I was making the e-mails perhaps...
2002-06-20 stekkelfix for identifying literals in mime_match_parentheses...
2002-06-19 philippe_mingohtml output set to func system. From now it is importan...
2002-06-19 philippe_mingo"yoav" <yoavb@zavit.net.il>
2002-06-18 graf25Removing small hiccups.
2002-06-18 graf25Hi, this is graf25, and I'm an idiot. :)
2002-06-18 indiri69Moved one section of code down below the read_body_top...
2002-06-18 jmunroUpdate Changelog and add one more macosx workaround
2002-06-18 jmunroAdded predefined settings option for 'macosx' imap...
2002-06-18 graf25Further XSS improvements plus a bugfix.
2002-06-17 jmunrofix for bug #559257
2002-06-17 kinkDo not display email addr as link in View Headers
2002-06-17 philippe_mingoQuotes detection in motd
2002-06-17 kinkCommit a change to the log I made some time ago.
2002-06-17 kinkFix spelling in translating.txt & make index.html resem...
2002-06-17 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id>
2002-06-13 jmunrotypo
2002-06-13 jmunrofix for compose in new window from plugin pages, +...
2002-06-13 jmunroadded a macosx friendly search function.
2002-06-12 jmunrofix for compose in new window from addressbook.php
2002-06-11 jmunrothis is a fix for the LSUB with a % when getting the...
2002-06-10 ullgrenFix for 566887 (Dispalying of folders names with blanks)
2002-06-10 ullgrenTimezone fix for non-whole hour timezone problem. by...
2002-06-10 jmunroforgot to change the comments from my hack of Ray's...
2002-06-10 jmunroAdding a couple themes, alien_glow is from Todd Hammer...
2002-06-10 jmunroadded a hook for Jimmy Conner
2002-06-07 graf25A better solution to the problem of $DOCUMENT_ROOT.
2002-06-07 kinkFix include()s which use DOCUMENT_ROOT, which may not...
2002-06-07 kinkIf file_uploads are disabled in PHP, do not display...
2002-06-06 philippe_mingoRomanian
2002-06-04 centaurixremove wrong dir de (added german help in de_DE instead)
2002-06-04 centaurixinitial import under de_DE not de/
2002-06-04 centaurixinitial import of german help (from "Ilja Gerhardt...
2002-06-03 bbiceAdded dsbl.org blacklists
2002-06-03 philippe_mingoBugfix by "Chiu Wai Pun" <pun@alumni.ust.hk>
2002-06-03 philippe_mingoMarcos Tadeu <marcos@v2r.com.br>
2002-06-02 kinkRemove $boxesnew from global to make new way of getting...
2002-05-30 stekkeladded displayentity stuff
2002-05-30 stekkelminor fix
2002-05-30 stekkelfixes for getting textOnly entities
2002-05-30 stekkelmodification to get the text entity in case we are...
2002-05-30 stekkelprepare compose.php to reply/forward to multiple entities.
2002-05-30 stekkelsmall fixes
2002-05-30 stekkelbetter method of getting the display entity.
2002-05-30 stekkelfix for magicHTML call
2002-05-30 stekkelchange for new method of getting display entity
2002-05-30 stekkelchanges for new method of getting the display entity
2002-05-30 philippe_mingoFlush instead of echo
2002-05-30 philippe_mingoHtml output. Proposal 2
2002-05-29 stekkelsilly typo and a fix for browsers which don't understan...
2002-05-29 philippe_mingoHewbrew
2002-05-29 philippe_mingoHebrew step 2
2002-05-29 philippe_mingoHebrew Step 1
2002-05-29 stekkelAdded MDN related fixes
2002-05-29 stekkelFixed clearing MDN attachment.
2002-05-29 ondrassseems that somebody was checking output file descriptor...
2002-05-29 stekkelfix for sending MDN with the javascript confirm dialog...
2002-05-28 stekkelfixed very stupid bug regarding session_register compos...
2002-05-28 stekkelfixed warning