1999-11-23 lkehresmanWhoops.. forgot the index.html file
1999-11-23 lkehresmanphp refrences updated
1999-11-23 lkehresmanUpdated all php3's to php's
1999-11-23 nehresmafixed a problem with mailboxes not url encoded for...
1999-11-23 lkehresmanNext/Previous are working a bit better
1999-11-22 lkehresmanNext/previous is working a bit better
1999-11-22 lkehresmanThis updates the next/previous option. It kinda works...
1999-11-22 lkehresmanAdded for redirection to src/webmail.php3
1999-11-22 lkehresmanupdates
1999-11-22 lkehresmanupdated functions
1999-11-22 lkehresmannew config
1999-11-22 squirrelupdating directory structure
1999-11-22 lkehresmanUpdating
1999-11-22 lkehresmanUpdating directory structure
1999-11-22 squirrelVerifies if the login was correct or not.
1999-11-22 squirrelremoving it
1999-11-22 squirrelTemporary upload of BTM
1999-11-22 squirreljust a test commit
1999-11-22 squirrelInitial revision