2002-08-07 kinkRecreate listcommands plugin using new rfc822_header...
2002-08-06 stekkeltypo
2002-08-06 stekkelI realy need to update my branch :-(
2002-08-06 stekkelrfc822_header stuff
2002-08-06 stekkelcomp_in_new fix
2002-08-06 stekkelrestyling and some fixes
2002-08-06 stekkelrfc822_header stuff
2002-08-06 stekkelmake use of the location field
2002-08-06 stekkelcheck for ent_id instead of passed_ent_id
2002-08-06 stekkelremoved old rcptaddress
2002-08-06 stekkelmoved parse header stuff to the mime-class and some...
2002-08-06 stekkelrfc822_header
2002-08-06 stekkelchanged passed_ent_id ent_id
2002-08-06 stekkeladded hidden field location
2002-08-06 stekkelmodified comp_in_new
2002-08-06 stekkelfix for amp; stuff
2002-08-05 itsbruceFixes to properly escape awkward characters in e-mail...
2002-08-04 stekkelextra Check for DIR value
2002-08-04 stekkelRemoved rcpaddress warning
2002-08-01 stekkelset correct entity_id
2002-08-01 stekkelclose imapConnection
2002-08-01 stekkelremoved view_text
2002-08-01 stekkelchanged location for viewing text attachments
2002-08-01 stekkelClean up download.php
2002-08-01 philippe_mingo"Kent B. Hansen" <kent@squirrelmail.dk>
2002-08-01 philippe_mingo"Tomas Kuliavas" <tokul@users.sourceforge.net>
2002-08-01 philippe_mingoAlbert Cervera Areny <albertca@jazzfree.com>
2002-07-31 stekkelsession recover compose.
2002-07-31 stekkelclean up the stored serialized attachment var in the...
2002-07-31 stekkelsupport for picking up attachments in case of a expired...
2002-07-31 stekkelsupport for picking up attachments in case of a expired...
2002-07-31 stekkelsupport for picking up the attachments in case of an...
2002-07-31 stekkelsecond try :-(
2002-07-31 stekkelremoved experimental browser sniffer calls
2002-07-31 stekkeladded recover mechanism in case of expired sessions
2002-07-31 stekkelsets redirection location to the recovered session...
2002-07-31 stekkelremoved old method to continue with a compose session
2002-07-31 stekkelredirect to last post location in case of a expired...
2002-07-31 stekkelfix for call to do_hook in htmlHeaeder
2002-07-31 stekkelrecover compose form in case of a session expire
2002-07-31 stekkelWhoops, some experimental stuff was left.
2002-07-31 stekkelfix for incorrect urlencode.
2002-07-31 stekkelFix for incorrect header in case of message/rfc822...
2002-07-31 stekkelaccidently removed macosx search syntax. Thnx Jasper...
2002-07-31 kinkCleanup date.php.
2002-07-31 kinkIf date can not be parsed, do not display date header...
2002-07-31 itsbruceFix full_address function to allow user setting always...
2002-07-31 stekkelstupid typo Thnx Thijs Kinkhorst
2002-07-31 kinkOne require was missing so error messages weren't displ...
2002-07-31 stekkelAdded my work from last month.
2002-07-31 itsbruceFixed bug where e-mail address contains ' character
2002-07-31 itsbruceAdded user preference to full_address function
2002-07-30 stekkelremove debug message
2002-07-30 stekkelfix for displaying attachment names
2002-07-30 stekkelfor safety covert disposition to lowercase before we...
2002-07-30 stekkelforgot where what argument
2002-07-30 stekkelAdded separation line between the differen entities
2002-07-30 stekkeladapt layout to fit in read_body + fix for comp_in_new...
2002-07-30 stekkelmodified needed parameters for findPrevMessage and...
2002-07-30 stekkelwhere/what support
2002-07-30 stekkelfix for changed comp_in_new function
2002-07-30 stekkelfix for handling other incoming vars (Thnx Bruce <itsbr...
2002-07-30 stekkelinsert identity stuff from read_body
2002-07-30 stekkelmoved out identity stuff and removed redirect to view_h...
2002-07-30 stekkelmake view header a standalone unit
2002-07-30 stekkelfixes for supporting the mime-class. Support displaying...
2002-07-30 stekkelwhoops, missed a line.
2002-07-30 stekkelfinddisplayentity related fix
2002-07-29 stekkelsupport for viewing headers of message/rfc822 attachments
2002-07-29 stekkelsmall fixes
2002-07-29 stekkeladded navigate through messages with attached message...
2002-07-29 stekkelremoved html.class stuff and fixed comp_in_new js script
2002-07-29 stekkelfix
2002-07-29 stekkelrollback to inline html echo statements
2002-07-29 stekkelminor fix to in displaying attachments
2002-07-29 jmunrofix for bug #585836
2002-07-28 kinkAdd textarea definitions to all styles; change "fixed...
2002-07-28 kinkmaxrows and port can be integers, so don't require...
2002-07-28 kinkMake the date in day-view internationalizable.
2002-07-28 kinkRemove debug message someone left here to linger.
2002-07-28 kinkFix typo, thanks to Scott A. Hughes.
2002-07-28 kinkChange is_int to is_numeric, because org_logo_width...
2002-07-28 kinkAdd some code to produce a proper error message when...
2002-07-26 itsbruceaddress book pages and popup modified to use AddressBoo...
2002-07-26 itsbrucefull_address method added - itsbruce
2002-07-25 stekkeltypo
2002-07-25 stekkelfilename fix
2002-07-25 stekkelfix for viewing attachments
2002-07-25 stekkeltypo
2002-07-25 stekkelforgot to remove some comments
2002-07-25 stekkelsimpler method for sending the MDN
2002-07-25 stekkelmoved sqUnwordWrap from compose to this file
2002-07-25 stekkelreordered for easier code
2002-07-25 stekkeladdapted url to compose.php for a less complex code
2002-07-25 stekkelfix for checking $MDNSent flag
2002-07-25 thomppjREALLY added penguin theme.
2002-07-25 thomppjAdded penguin theme.
2002-07-25 thomppjRenamed class/*.class files to class/*.class.php and...
2002-07-25 thomppjAdded index in class dir to avoid unwanted directory...
2002-07-24 stekkelAdded LINK to the forbidden tag-list in magic HTML...