2005-05-12 tokulreplacing skip_SM_header with two different options...
2005-05-09 tokulprovide failsafe language in case $sm_language is not...
2005-05-07 ebullientcorrectly check for messages in trash if the total...
2005-05-07 ebullientadd dovecot
2005-05-05 tokulunneeded undercore in example
2005-05-05 tokulinformation about sqspell changes
2005-05-05 tokulMoved dictionaries and settings to SM prefs system
2005-05-01 tokulusing 'pass' instead of 'ascii'. internal mbstring...
2005-04-29 tokulmaking sure that plugin works without configuration...
2005-04-28 kinkSome language fixes.
2005-04-27 stekkelMore possible NUL character problems solved.
2005-04-26 kinkSet default for Reply Citation Style to 'date_time_auth...
2005-04-26 kinkReintroduce the centering of the folderlist.
2005-04-26 tokulphpdoc blocks and some comments that explain check_php_...
2005-04-26 tokulphpdoc blocks
2005-04-26 tokuladding phpdoc comments
2005-04-26 tokulprevent errors when files are opened directly
2005-04-25 tokulinformation about mail_fetch changes.
2005-04-25 tokulmoved functions from setup.php
2005-04-24 stekkelRemoval of unused commented code blocks
2005-04-24 stekkelWe are not using objects here.
2005-04-24 stekkelfixed some php5 warnings
2005-04-24 tokulremoving includes that are loaded by validate.php.
2005-04-24 tokuladding api doc
2005-04-24 tokulinformation about bug_report fix
2005-04-24 tokulusing squirrelmail api in order to be able to use plugi...
2005-04-24 tokulwarning about possibly broken function
2005-04-23 jervforsTrimming whitespace and replacing tabs
2005-04-23 jervforsTrimming whitespace
2005-04-23 jervforsClosing PHP tags
2005-04-23 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces
2005-04-23 jervforsTrimming whitespace
2005-04-22 kinkdo a little cleanup of listadvancedboxes HTML.
2005-04-20 stekkelThis is better, forgot a double quote.
2005-04-20 stekkel* Fix sort order direction
2005-04-19 kinkFix a small bug when displaying less messages than...
2005-04-19 stekkelFix for "No messages found" messages. Only display...
2005-04-19 tokulinformation about new crypto
2005-04-19 tokulmaking sure that imap server variable does not contain...
2005-04-19 tokuladding ripe-md160 and md4 support for qmail-ldap
2005-04-19 stekkelJust in case ...
2005-04-19 stekkelFixed half implemented feature. Now we provide a stream...
2005-04-18 stekkelReset the pageindex on a new search
2005-04-18 stekkelFixed truncateWithEntities function which trimmed the...
2005-04-18 stekkelchanges changes changes
2005-04-18 stekkelDon't trigger checkForm when we show the pageHeader.
2005-04-18 stekkelMake Flags a required column just as subject. If we...
2005-04-18 stekkelShow email address as title attribute if we only show...
2005-04-18 stekkelShow bypass trash checkbox again and move the delete...
2005-04-18 tokulinformation about added php 4.3.0 features in phpdoc
2005-04-18 tokulinformation about mailbox listing changes. Remove exper...
2005-04-18 tokulinformation about mail_fetch fix
2005-04-18 tokulfix typo
2005-04-18 tokulcheck mailbox before trying to store emails in it....
2005-04-18 tokultagged debugging function used only in asearch
2005-04-18 tokuladding phpdoc tags
2005-04-18 tokulmissed one more tag
2005-04-18 tokuladding rfc implemented in listcommands
2005-04-18 tokuluse separate subpackage for templates.
2005-04-18 tokulphpdoc tags
2005-04-18 tokuladding html message inside iframe
2005-04-18 tokulremoving todo
2005-04-18 tokulremoving functions from setup.php
2005-04-18 tokuladding phpdoc blocks
2005-04-18 tokullowercase package tag. fix phpdoc block.
2005-04-17 tokuldocumenting some functions.
2005-04-17 tokulinformation about changes
2005-04-17 tokuldisabled LOGINDISABLED check, when imap server is mappe...
2005-04-17 tokuladded iframe code (used when show_html_default = true)
2005-04-17 tokuliframe height option
2005-04-17 tokuliframe control for experimental code
2005-04-17 stekkelStupid stupid stupid
2005-04-17 stekkelThere it is, the first layout improvements in the template.
2005-04-16 stekkelremoved just added htmlspecialvars around the date...
2005-04-16 stekkelSmall rewrite of the fix of Fredrik and another fix...
2005-04-16 jervforsFix for highlighting. highlightMessage() didn't get...
2005-04-16 stekkelFIle no longer used => deleted
2005-04-16 jervforsFixing strings:
2005-04-16 stekkelFix displaying of encoded addresses.
2005-04-16 stekkelRestart the session after forward as attachment.
2005-04-16 kinkFix a variable typo.
2005-04-16 stekkelCheck for flags column
2005-04-16 stekkelstrings: adapt makeComposeLink to the new js
2005-04-15 jervforsTranslation fix
2005-04-15 jervforsRemoving DOS char's
2005-04-15 jervforsCopyright update and removal of DOS char's
2005-04-15 jervforsStyle pedantry
2005-04-15 jervforsCopyright update
2005-04-15 jervforsClarifying purpose of plugin
2005-04-15 tokulmake sure that $aFlags is set. maybe is_array() is...
2005-04-15 tokulremember to add this to 1.5.x release notes
2005-04-15 tokuladding decoding of subject. might have to check other...
2005-04-15 tokulwhen table width is not set, it affects width of object...
2005-04-15 stekkelForgot to rename the old $xtra var to $sJsHeader.
2005-04-15 stekkelFixed wrong var usage. This solves the errors Thijs...
2005-04-15 kink2 bugs in message_list:
2005-04-15 stekkelhtml cleanups
2005-04-15 stekkelLooks like message highlighting contains a bug. The...
2005-04-15 stekkelMake checkbox js working with fancy row highlighting...
2005-04-15 janglissLast one... shesh