2001-10-26 philippe_mingoAdded slovak
2001-10-26 philippe_mingoChanging the head.
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoRetrieval typo
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoSome rearranging
2001-10-25 philippe_mingotypo
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoJust give focus to <input type=text>
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoFocus plugin integrated into the core
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoSorry. Forgot the space.
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoCleaning
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoI said: Go to sleep 8)
2001-10-25 thomppjFixed collapsable folder stuff so that it actually...
2001-10-25 philippe_mingoBunzo, go to sleep 8-)
2001-10-25 thomppjAdded mark as read/unread functionality. Rearrange...
2001-10-24 philippe_mingoOutputs HTML through the MagicHTML parser
2001-10-24 philippe_mingoParses HTML documents to make them more readable and...
2001-10-24 philippe_mingoFlushes the message header.
2001-10-23 philippe_mingoThis commit contains the following things (this is...
2001-10-22 philippe_mingoFixed the cookie language problem. Thank Przemek Piotrowski
2001-10-19 philippe_mingoModified the session killer.
2001-10-18 philippe_mingoBugfix
2001-10-18 philippe_mingoTrailing ^M stops header info.
2001-10-18 philippe_mingoThere was a little bug in the destroy workaround (param...
2001-10-18 philippe_mingoIn some situations new date handling could cause a...
2001-10-18 philippe_mingoFixed login header.
2001-10-12 philippe_mingoFixed imap search bug.
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoIn some 'compose' situations (for example when inside...
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoOnly a small identation work to make the thing more...
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoBugfix. Single '|' removed.
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoNEW SCRIPTS:
2001-10-09 philippe_mingo* Added a page selector between Previous and Next.
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoAdded script to regenerate main SM's PO
2001-10-09 phutnickFixed VERY stale URL.
2001-10-08 fidianAdded the hook!
2001-10-06 philippe_mingoName typo
2001-10-06 philippe_mingoAddded Save / Update string from options_identities.php
2001-10-04 philippe_mingo[ #414604 ] Help files for Czech language in iso-x-2
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoCredits for Lithuanian strings.
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoAdding Lithuanian translations.
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoUse sqimap_session_id instead of axxxx for imap connect...
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoUse sqimap_session_id instead of axxxx for imap connect...
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoWhile getting data from a stream it is possible to...
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoIn very special ocasions SM tries to swith to the None...
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoSome DDT stuff with month name.
2001-10-03 philippe_mingoFix: Internationalization of date strings.
2001-10-03 philippe_mingoFix: Internationalization of date strings.
2001-10-02 centaurixfixed missing </TR> (thanks to Daniel Hemmerich)
2001-09-30 phutnickFixed too many equals signs.
2001-09-29 centaurixs/retrival/retrieval/ fixed spelling mistake
2001-09-29 centaurixrequire_once('../functions/prefs.php'); was needed...
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoBug fix upon Captain Bunzo's request 8-)
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoCredits for the Thai translation.
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoNattapong Ampornaramweth <yongnarak@yahoo.com> thai...
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoCredits for the Romanian translation
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoMircea Ilie <mrx@tep.ro> Romanian translation.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoThis fixes the plugin translation problem. Please check.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoSorry, a bug slipped into the CVS.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoOperation "foo_once".
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoOperation "foo_once".
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoOperation "foo_once".
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoBugfix '-- ' alters strings. Added the Advanced udentit...
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoThis closes bug #453335
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoRemoved "debug" check in last bugfix (sorry).
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoFixes the bug in the Prefix signature with '--' ? param...
2001-09-24 ondrassCorrect slovak locale naming is sk_SK not only sk,...
2001-09-24 philippe_mingo"Cosmetic" patch change in commented module information.
2001-09-24 ondrassAdded sk_SK (Slovak) language locales
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoFreeze strings as Fri, September 21, 2001 4:49 pm ...
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoAdded Spanish translation contact info.
2001-09-23 thomppjAdded myself to the AUTHORS file.
2001-09-22 centaurixadded myself (as bugfixer (i8n) ) ;)
2001-09-22 philippe_mingoRemoved fourth parameter from the NEVER option. That...
2001-09-22 philippe_mingoTesting CVS access
2001-09-22 thomppjMoved reply citation stuff to personal options.
2001-09-21 phutnickChanged the "don't refresh" option from "None" to ...
2001-09-21 thomppjMinor change of wording...
2001-09-21 thomppjModifications made to give options for how "Reply Citat...
2001-09-19 phutnickAdded a hook for the priority plugin.
2001-09-13 fidianRemoved weird patch.
2001-09-13 fidianRemoved warning message with E_ALL
2001-09-13 fidianRemoved message priority code (heck, it's already a...
2001-09-12 fidianRemoved broken <quote who=""> junk
2001-09-12 fidianFixed flaw in logic
2001-09-12 fidianRemoved unnecessary condition.
2001-09-12 phutnickSmall fix for "intval" problem with display_html_default.
2001-09-12 phutnickAdded Pontus Ullgren's re-hash of Tyler's re-write...
2001-09-08 thomppjMinor update to quote who code.
2001-09-08 thomppjAdded <quote who="FOO"> for reply...
2001-09-08 fidianModified html safe code
2001-09-08 fidianAltered HTML patch.
2001-09-07 fidianChanged pass-by-reference to pass by value. Hopefully...
2001-09-06 thomppjFixed alignment problems between folders with and witho...
2001-09-06 thomppjFixed the position of the + or - for collapsable folders.
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded conversion of &apm; back into & to display &amp...
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded a conversion from < to &lt; when viewing "non...
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded A. Kirtchwitz's check for set up empty MIME type.
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded A. Kirchwitz's check for set put empty MIME type...
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded Pontus Ullgren's message priority code.
2001-09-04 phutnickAdded Pontus Ullgren's message priority code.
2001-09-03 phutnick*** empty log message ***
2001-08-23 gustavfAdded estoninan.