2002-09-05 stekkelremove unnessecarry \r\n
2002-09-05 stekkelfix warning
2002-09-05 stekkelfixed warning
2002-09-05 stekkelextra error checking
2002-09-05 stekkelMake use of the deliver class
2002-09-05 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id>
2002-09-05 stekkelundisclosed recipients fix
2002-09-05 stekkelxtra check for To addresses, if not available don't...
2002-09-04 stekkelAdded function for initializing attachments (for compose)
2002-09-04 stekkelfix for getbcc
2002-09-04 stekkeladded info
2002-09-04 stekkelFirst fixes
2002-09-04 thomppjChanged subfolder summing to only show total for subfol...
2002-09-04 stekkelVery big update to make use of the new Deliver class.
2002-09-04 stekkelIMAP backend for the deliver class
2002-09-04 stekkelSendmail backend for the deliver class
2002-09-04 stekkelSMTP backend for the Deliver class
2002-09-04 stekkelMake the thing actually work :-)
2002-09-04 thomppjReworked subfolder message count and all. Open to sugge...
2002-09-04 stekkelforgot something
2002-09-04 stekkeluntested uid_support fix
2002-09-03 stekkeltesting fase
2002-09-03 itsbruceAttachments now opened with binary flag, for windows...
2002-09-03 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-09-03 philippe_mingo"Tomas Kuliavas" <tokul@users.sourceforge.net>
2002-09-02 stekkeladded file info
2002-09-02 stekkeldevelopment work on the Deliver class.
2002-09-02 jmunroWhen using unseen notify on all folders
2002-08-31 thomppjMade calender plugin conform to SquirrelMail Project...
2002-08-31 kinkRemove NOOP checks
2002-08-31 kinkRemove NOOP checks. This breaks some things without...
2002-08-30 indiri69Formatting changes and added some more html->plain...
2002-08-30 stekkelinit
2002-08-30 stekkelinit deliver class as replacement of smtp.php
2002-08-30 stekkelfix in case we couldn;t retrieve the message from the...
2002-08-30 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-30 stekkelfix for getEntity
2002-08-29 thomppjOk. One simple mistake... :)
2002-08-29 thomppjFirst, more formatting conventions.
2002-08-29 robsiembcorrectly detect \Noselect in LSUB responses, and set...
2002-08-28 ullgrenFIxing bug #600369
2002-08-28 indiri69Allow messages with addresses in BCC only.
2002-08-28 indiri69Move -1 to first section of for loop.
2002-08-28 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-28 stekkeladded var to message-class where we put the location...
2002-08-28 robsiembwhoops, remove extra variable
2002-08-28 stekkelFixes from Jason to sqimap_read_data.
2002-08-28 philippe_mingo"J.I Kim" <aporie@iskra.sarang.net>
2002-08-28 philippe_mingoVolkan YILDIRIM <volkan@apb.com.tr>
2002-08-28 stekkelput back text-decoration:none
2002-08-28 jmunrowebmail top hook
2002-08-27 robsiemb. fixed 'heigth' typo to 'height'
2002-08-27 stekkelhtmlspecialvars bodystructure
2002-08-27 stekkelAdded error message in case the bodystructure couldn...
2002-08-27 stekkelfinally managed to solve the bad Junk after literal...
2002-08-27 philippe_mingoMasato's credits
2002-08-27 stekkelfix for Junk after literal error message from imap...
2002-08-27 philippe_mingoPaul's changes
2002-08-26 thomppjFixed strings so that they would be mo better english. :)
2002-08-26 indiri69Changed the way we handle entities in message/rfc822...
2002-08-26 stekkeladded extra check for save internal link extensions...
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for getFilename
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for viewing html entities with images involved.
2002-08-26 stekkelmodified html_link to redirect output to view_text.
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for downloadlink and for redirecting html entities
2002-08-26 stekkelfix warning
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for the bodystructure parser
2002-08-26 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <arief@gurame.fisika.ui.ac.id>
2002-08-26 philippe_mingoMarc check this.
2002-08-26 stekkeltypo
2002-08-26 stekkelquick hack to remove the preg_match for * [0-9]+ FETCH...
2002-08-26 philippe_mingoMinor sintax changes
2002-08-26 philippe_mingo "Kent B. Hansen" <kent@squirrelmail.dk>
2002-08-26 philippe_mingo"Marcos Tadeu von Lutzow Vidal" <marcos@v2r.com.br>
2002-08-26 philippe_mingomain po update
2002-08-26 philippe_mingoTypo
2002-08-26 philippe_mingoSpanish Update
2002-08-25 philippe_mingoJP and ES updates.
2002-08-24 indiri69More code cleanup
2002-08-24 indiri69Code cleanup
2002-08-24 indiri69Removed findDisplayEntity. The mime class has one...
2002-08-24 indiri69Added argument $strict to findDisplayEntity. When...
2002-08-24 philippe_mingoTypo. _ was missing.
2002-08-23 kinkSeems to be using a PHP 4.1 only function... changing...
2002-08-23 indiri69Replaced some deleted lines that are need for filters...
2002-08-23 indiri69Fixed typo
2002-08-23 indiri69Removed spaces from end of SEARCH string, UW doesn...
2002-08-23 indiri69Added missing
2002-08-23 stekkelfix for undefined textarea
2002-08-23 indiri69Change &nbsp; &gt; &lt; to they're plain text equivalen...
2002-08-23 stekkelfixed warnings
2002-08-23 stekkelSorry Philippe I get terrible warnings and I use langua...
2002-08-23 indiri69Cleaned up parseComments so it handles comments inside...
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoIndentation
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoSome indentation.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoOOOpps. Looks like Marc and I were working on the same...
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoMasato:
2002-08-23 stekkelfix for reply wrapping.
2002-08-23 stekkelmake use of sqimap_read_data_list in imap_general ...
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoJapanese