2004-08-15 jervforsMoving some HTML out of PHP
2004-08-15 jervforsIndentation fixes and minor cleanups
2004-08-15 janglissReceived is a better word in this instance.
2004-08-15 janglissBad grammar
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsCleaning up after XHTML fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-13 jervforsString fix
2004-08-13 jervforsIncluding the change_password plugin in the POT
2004-08-12 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-12 pdontthinkAdding status bar to compose (in new) window
2004-08-12 ebullientadd ldap test if ldap is in use
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-11 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-11 kinkIt seems more logical to use the SERVER_NAME as the...
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-10 jervforsUpdate
2004-08-10 jervforsChanging style for the Purge link to match other links
2004-08-10 jervforsChanging style for the Purge link to match other links
2004-08-10 jervforsAdding status bar to the compose window
2004-08-09 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-09 jervforsChanging link style
2004-08-09 tokuladded Uighur translators information
2004-08-09 tokulAdding Uighur language support
2004-08-08 tokulphpdoc blocks
2004-08-08 tokulkorean xtra_code is reenabled. Adding information about...
2004-08-08 tokulxtra_code updates in compose, readbody and view_text...
2004-08-08 tokulxtra_code updates in strings
2004-08-08 tokulxtra_code update in mailbox_display
2004-08-08 tokulxtra_code updates in mime functions
2004-08-08 tokulxtra_code updates in utf7-imap functions
2004-08-08 tokulSplit xtra_code functions. Older layout requires inplem...
2004-08-08 pdontthinkfixed alignment of folder list title text
2004-08-08 pdontthinkFixed alignment of title text for folder list frame...
2004-08-07 kinkFix that the "Viewing message: x (y total)" always...
2004-08-06 pdontthinkForm names = good
2004-08-05 pdontthinkUneditable address book entries no longer have checkbox...
2004-08-03 kinkIf we use the IP as the RHS of the Message-ID, we need...
2004-08-03 kinkImplement php_check_version with the PHP version_compar...
2004-08-03 kinkIf we have PHP 4.3.0, we can make SquirrelSpell work...
2004-07-31 tokulAdding size limit to signature. Max size is the same...
2004-07-30 kinkFix not encoding drafts folder when saving to draft...
2004-07-30 pdontthinkMake current hook name globally available when running...
2004-07-30 pdontthinkFixed SM version detection bug - wasn't going to hit...
2004-07-30 pdontthinkAdded 'no focus' option for compose screen
2004-07-30 pdontthinkCustom option page values now repopulate correctly...
2004-07-28 jervforsAesthetic fix
2004-07-25 pdontthinkAdded 'trailing text' for options that SM builds, which...
2004-07-25 pdontthinkOops, text inputs never had a type attribute!
2004-07-25 pdontthinkremoved unused and unneeded hooks
2004-07-24 kinkUpdate devel changelog with security vuln.
2004-07-24 kinkWhen checking for prefs_are_cached we should retrieve...
2004-07-18 jervforsDisplaying and fixing some XHTML
2004-07-14 pdontthinkextra quote removed
2004-07-12 indiri69Better email address matching. This should match more...
2004-07-12 jervforsMinor code cleanup
2004-07-12 pdontthinkMultiple URLs on one line weren't getting parsed correctly
2004-07-12 pdontthinkuri updated
2004-07-06 indiri69Remove the multiple lines of 'No Messages Found' when...
2004-07-05 jervforsRemoving phpDocumentator tag which shouldn't be used...
2004-07-05 jervforsMinor code clean up
2004-07-05 jervforsAdding phpDocumentator block
2004-07-05 jervforsAdding FIXME to comment
2004-07-04 kinkWe use color[9] in the error_box but it was not defined...
2004-07-04 kinkFix output sanitatizing for options and xhtml-fixes.
2004-07-03 jervforsUpdate
2004-07-03 jervforsIndentation and XHTML fix
2004-07-03 jervforsI18n fix
2004-07-03 jervforsThis can't be considered beta anymore
2004-07-02 jervforsFixing minor typo
2004-07-02 jervforsAnother XHTML fix
2004-07-02 jervforsXHTML fix
2004-07-01 jervforsRemoving HTML tags from strings
2004-07-01 kinkSome random documentation updates.
2004-07-01 kinkRemove wrong strip_tags and fix formatting in addressbo...
2004-07-01 kinkBe a bit more verbose in the error message about PEAR...
2004-07-01 kinkIn stead of just crashing, give a proper error when...
2004-06-29 stekkelcode dumping
2004-06-27 tokulhtml output will be cleaned by encoding function
2004-06-27 tokulsanitizing is done in form functions
2004-06-27 tokulin some cases sanitazing is implemented in form functions
2004-06-27 tokulfix. function is broken if it runs on string without...
2004-06-27 tokulsome plugins might use own hooks
2004-06-26 janglissFix email addresses here
2004-06-25 jervforsIndentation
2004-06-25 jervforsSmall syntax fix in an example
2004-06-19 janglissFix link
2004-06-19 kinkContinuation of fixing the alternating row colors in...
2004-06-18 kinklog changes
2004-06-18 kinkGet the alternating row colors of the addrbook in sync...
2004-06-16 stekkelFixed warning.
2004-06-15 stekkelTweaked wrapping a little more.
2004-06-14 stekkelfix for replying to html mail.
2004-06-14 stekkelPossible fix for our wrapping problem. Please review...