2004-09-14 pdontthinkSquash IMAP errors when auto-fetching; fix was previous...
2004-09-13 kink- Make the SMTP auth detection more RFC-compliant ...
2004-09-12 cigamitSmall bug fix - $targetmailbox was only being set when...
2004-09-10 tokuladding tis-620 support
2004-09-10 tokuladding other five charsets needed for some translations
2004-09-10 tokulinfo about Hungarian and Hebrew translators
2004-09-08 ebullientupdates to mysql backend in change_password plugin..
2004-09-08 cigamitFixed problem that caused an error when deleting all...
2004-09-07 tokulnested table might not centered when width is not set.
2004-09-07 tokulinfo about Turkish locale changes
2004-09-07 tokulUse C character conversion rules if Turkish translation...
2004-09-07 tokuladding iso8859-7 and iso-8859-9 support
2004-09-07 tokuladding iso8859-15 support
2004-09-07 tokulAdding iso8859-2 encoding support
2004-09-07 tokulcharset totals
2004-09-07 tokulremoved require_once() calls that are already loaded...
2004-09-07 tokuladding option that allows html transitional or frameset...
2004-09-07 tokulsanitizing vcard version field and providing empty...
2004-09-06 tokuladding some i18n information
2004-09-06 tokuladding list of files that are included by include/valid...
2004-09-06 tokulhiding functions used only by plugin
2004-09-06 tokulcode cleanup:
2004-09-06 tokulremoved includes that are already loaded by include...
2004-09-06 tokulspellcheck
2004-09-06 tokulfixed function_exist test and used newer mcrypt functio...
2004-09-06 tokulcomma in wrong place.
2004-09-06 tokulfixed custom css loading
2004-09-06 tokulusing default html header generation functions. Fixes...
2004-09-02 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-09-02 tokulbutton row in mailbox listing uses color[0]. read_body...
2004-09-02 tokulusing internal SM functions to create page header.
2004-09-02 tokul1. there is no <nobr> in html 4.01 specs.
2004-09-01 tokulvcard might be without email fields.
2004-09-01 tokulme bad. loose but lossy.
2004-09-01 cigamitFixes for bugs #1019185 and #1017941
2004-09-01 cigamitFixes for bugs #1019185 and #1017941
2004-08-31 jervforsSpelling fix
2004-08-31 tokulremoved language codes from conf.pl. List is too big.
2004-08-31 tokuladding i18n doc (unfinished)
2004-08-30 kinkRemove erroneous use of pipe in regexps. Since this...
2004-08-29 tokuladding space between cols="number" and $attr.
2004-08-27 tokulone more update. message_details strings
2004-08-27 tokulupdating copyright, converting strings to gettext,...
2004-08-27 tokulupdating pot
2004-08-27 tokulagresive_decoding changed to aggressive_decoding.
2004-08-27 tokulif encoding function can't find charset, it does us...
2004-08-27 tokulsend urlencoded filename to IE
2004-08-27 tokuladding iso-8859-1 and us-ascii encoding support
2004-08-26 tokulrewriting utf8 encoding function. preg_replace is safer...
2004-08-24 jervforsMinor cleanups
2004-08-24 jervforsIndentation fixes
2004-08-24 jervforsMinor cleanups
2004-08-23 jervforsMaking delete button, when viewing a message, consider...
2004-08-22 cigamitFix for bug # 1008534 (Attachments with spaces being...
2004-08-19 kinkFix outgoing body wrapping in devel, by forwardporting...
2004-08-19 cigamitFix forwarding from the Mailbox list. I posted to...
2004-08-18 kinkEditing made the text bad, fix that.
2004-08-18 kinkClose connection cleanly when login/pw incorrect, follo...
2004-08-18 kink* Check for capabilities in configtest, and warn here...
2004-08-18 kinkFix bug where it was impossible to subscribe to any...
2004-08-18 cigamitMight as well add myself in here again (it got rolled...
2004-08-18 cigamitReenabled the move_messages_button_action hook and...
2004-08-18 cigamitSmall fix for users that get "Spurious argument" on...
2004-08-16 jervforsMoving some HTML out of PHP
2004-08-16 jervforsMaking use of forms.php
2004-08-16 jervforsXHTML fixes and making use of forms.php
2004-08-16 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-16 jervforsMoving some HTML out of PHP
2004-08-15 jervforsMoving some HTML out of PHP
2004-08-15 jervforsIndentation fixes and minor cleanups
2004-08-15 janglissReceived is a better word in this instance.
2004-08-15 janglissBad grammar
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsCleaning up after XHTML fixes
2004-08-14 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-13 jervforsString fix
2004-08-13 jervforsIncluding the change_password plugin in the POT
2004-08-12 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-12 pdontthinkAdding status bar to compose (in new) window
2004-08-12 ebullientadd ldap test if ldap is in use
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-11 jervforsI18n fixes
2004-08-11 kinkIt seems more logical to use the SERVER_NAME as the...
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-11 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-10 jervforsUpdate
2004-08-10 jervforsChanging style for the Purge link to match other links
2004-08-10 jervforsChanging style for the Purge link to match other links
2004-08-10 jervforsAdding status bar to the compose window
2004-08-09 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-09 jervforsChanging link style
2004-08-09 tokuladded Uighur translators information
2004-08-09 tokulAdding Uighur language support
2004-08-08 tokulphpdoc blocks
2004-08-08 tokulkorean xtra_code is reenabled. Adding information about...