2001-11-16 philippe_mingonewmail plugin strings
2001-11-16 teepeintegrated printer_friendly into the core
2001-11-16 philippe_mingoBugfix of long strings
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoOfficialization step 1
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoVarious fixes
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoIncluded newmail for officialization 8)
2001-11-15 fidianFixed one problem with English (which doesn't have...
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoInternationalization
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoString bug fix
2001-11-15 philippe_mingopo update
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoLast comment corrected.
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoString fix and chmod
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoFixed (c) headers. (I hope nothing has been messed up)
2001-11-15 philippe_mingoFixed collapsed folder bug. When de-activating collapsa...
2001-11-14 teepefixed i18n bug reported to -translations by J.I. Kim...
2001-11-14 philippe_mingoPhilippe's email
2001-11-14 thomppjSmall option changes.
2001-11-14 teepecleanup of all code using delimiter
2001-11-13 teepeintegrated attachment_common into the core
2001-11-13 teepefixed typo
2001-11-13 philippe_mingoSlovenian credits.
2001-11-13 philippe_mingoAdded Slovenian
2001-11-13 ondrassIf you change working things in configuration either...
2001-11-12 fidianWarning removal
2001-11-12 fidianPotential gettext emulation speedup for languages witho...
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoMore intl.
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoAdded missing [
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoSorry, typo.
2001-11-12 fidianWarning removal
2001-11-12 fidianWarning removal
2001-11-12 fidianSMPREF_OFF and SMPREF_ON were undefined.
2001-11-12 fidianWarning removal
2001-11-12 philippe_mingopo files headers sanitizing
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoIT version. and new mergepo script
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoNew strings.
2001-11-12 thomppjAnother big chunk of changes to options pages.
2001-11-11 thomppjSmall change in terminology. Patrick should be happier...
2001-11-11 thomppjFinished converting folder options page to new options...
2001-11-11 antipodeThis closes my feature request #474658
2001-11-11 philippe_mingoOops. That one slipped.
2001-11-11 philippe_mingo" -> '
2001-11-11 teepeintegrated xmailer plugin
2001-11-11 philippe_mingoInternationalization almost finished. Only check_me...
2001-11-11 thomppjLast options commit for the evening. This one is dedica...
2001-11-11 thomppjMore work on options...
2001-11-11 teepeadded automagically sanitizing for foo_once into the...
2001-11-11 thomppjMore options updated changes.
2001-11-11 thomppjMore work done on the options stuff.
2001-11-10 thomppjPlease ignore the red for now :)
2001-11-10 ullgrenFixed bug #431256 - Alias expanded not RFC 821-compatible
2001-11-10 ullgrenFixed bug #479867 - Turning Sqclock Off Not Working
2001-11-10 philippe_mingoMore plugin internationalization (not yet finished)
2001-11-10 fidianRemoved warnings that were appearing
2001-11-10 antipodeCloses bug #479899
2001-11-09 fidianFixed semicolon problem
2001-11-09 fidianWarning removal
2001-11-09 thomppjWorking on code that will provide for more standardized...
2001-11-08 teepeadded file for sanitizing plugins w.r.t. the foo_once...
2001-11-08 ondrassAdd handling case of HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET ~= cz (which...
2001-11-08 ondrassWe have to know when there is attachment with size...
2001-11-08 philippe_mingostart of squirrelspell internationalization
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoever more
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoand more
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoOne more
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoYou're right Bunzo 8)
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoSec. Stuff
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoStandard redirector
2001-11-08 ondrassFixed setting of charset, you have to set sm_notAlias...
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoInternationalization of the filter plugin.
2001-11-07 ondrassSomebody screwed up creating preferences for new user...
2001-11-07 philippe_mingoFixed save draft intl. Updated main and es po.
2001-11-07 teepereverted formatted-disp to formatted because of some...
2001-11-07 thomppj*** empty log message ***
2001-11-05 philippe_mingoRemoved some <?php ?> for legibility in last function.
2001-11-05 philippe_mingoFixed the unable to subscribe folder bug, caused by...
2001-11-05 thomppjFixed the paginator (which I previously broke)...
2001-11-04 ullgrenAdded option to disable/enable the use of priority...
2001-11-04 ullgrenAdded code for priority.
2001-11-03 thomppjSome user interface changes.
2001-11-03 teepemade more tolerant to malformed from field in message...
2001-11-03 centaurixfixed bug #426128
2001-11-03 centaurixfixed bug #429144 wrong number in text for trash
2001-11-02 philippe_mingoUI change and strings update
2001-11-02 centaurixfix bug #466878 if no folder is select to un/subscribe
2001-11-02 philippe_mingoIntl. "a la Konstantin"
2001-11-02 philippe_mingoUI organizing
2001-11-02 philippe_mingoUpper frame out
2001-11-02 teepechanged displayal of folders to move to from unformatte...
2001-11-02 teepechanged email adress and added copyright notice
2001-11-02 teepeargh! (forgot to remove debug code, done now)
2001-11-02 teepefinetuned collapseable folders formatting
2001-11-02 philippe_mingochmod 644
2001-11-01 fallasNow doesn't create new email when adding an attachment...
2001-11-01 fallasEliminated an error when saving attachments for a draft.
2001-11-01 teepechanged the retrieval error: enabled submitting of...
2001-11-01 teepefixed delimiter presence when not connected to imap...
2001-10-31 fallasFixed problem with lines mistakenly wrapping when resum...
2001-10-31 fallasRemoved dependance upon /dev/null allowing for use...
2001-10-31 fallasUpdates a draft if saved again, instead of creating...
2001-10-31 fallasRemoved any munging of the To,CC & Bcc fields when...