2002-02-03 kinkUpdated help files to reflect new functionality.
2002-02-02 jmunrotoggle all is back for a single folder
2002-02-02 kinkMake Answered flag translatable
2002-02-02 kinkTrim folder name before creating/renaming, #511837
2002-02-02 kinkFix typo
2002-02-02 kinkPartially fixed #511204
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoArief S Fitrianto
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoAdded validate to translate
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoWarning remover "a la Tyler"
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoWarning removal "a la Tyler"
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoBugfix. This should fix the refresh problem.
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoThe 2000000 bugfix
2002-02-01 graf25Updated Russian Translation.
2002-02-01 jmunroImproved "all folder" output display
2002-02-01 philippe_mingo-
2002-02-01 philippe_mingoTwo bug fixes and new id strings.
2002-02-01 philippe_mingoHey!!! Who stole the form ???
2002-02-01 thomppjPrettified, some. More work to do.
2002-02-01 graf25Adding a note about squirrelspell.
2002-02-01 jmunroMade some changes, pretty minimal.
2002-01-31 jmunromissed a closing ">" on a table row
2002-01-31 jmunroreformatted recent and saved tables
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoSorry, last commit broke the code. I had to make a...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAdded newmail dropdowns, and preparing for special...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoDon't forget the changelog
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoThis commit adds the hability to add a special folder...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoBugfix. It was logouting twice
2002-01-31 jmunroFixed problem with "forget" link on a recent search
2002-01-31 graf25Making log entries in the ChangeLog.
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAdded default string values.
2002-01-31 simondMake sure no invalid value gets assigned to frame_top...
2002-01-31 simondFix spelling error
2002-01-31 simondExpand on PEAR section a bit
2002-01-31 simondFix small mistype
2002-01-31 simondconf.pl and administration plugin can now edit the...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAll globals removed. hmmmm .... fasten seat belts ....
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoSwitch from Tarzan english to legible one
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoNew stuff
2002-01-31 philippe_mingobugfix
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAdded auth on file method
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoPreparing administrator for alternate autentication...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoPlugins administration completed.
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoGroup bugfix
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoSpanish security image.
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoFixed last groups problem.
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoNew main po files
2002-01-31 graf25bugfixes
2002-01-31 graf25Bugfixes
2002-01-31 graf25Some small bugfixes. Still testing.
2002-01-31 thomppjPrettied up list commands plugin. Sorry, translators...
2002-01-31 graf25Some changes. En-route. Most likely broken. ;)
2002-01-30 jmunroSearch was broken. fixed. List all is weird however...
2002-01-30 jmunrofixed All folder save, little clean up, thanx Jimmy...
2002-01-30 simondAllow easy editing of address book DSN
2002-01-30 graf25Updating for the module moves in squirrelspell.
2002-01-30 philippe_mingoAdded colapsable menus feature.
2002-01-30 simondShould've remembered the quotes
2002-01-30 philippe_mingoINBOX translated.
2002-01-30 philippe_mingo* Fixed intl. of addrbook_search_html.php
2002-01-29 philippe_mingo"Jason Munro" <jason@stdbev.com>
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoAdded very basic plugins and themes edition
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoAdministrator Plugin
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoAdded Default Javascript Adrressbook
2002-01-29 philippe_mingo$special_folders[] have been discontinued.
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoThis fix makes the plugin backward compatible with...
2002-01-29 graf25Updated Russian translation and a Russian "This image...
2002-01-29 dahancNon-ascii characters caused problems with SVN function...
2002-01-29 philippe_mingo"Jason Munro" <jason@stdbev.com>
2002-01-29 simondAdd note about conf.pl change
2002-01-29 simondChange conf.pl to not overwrite $addrbook_dsn every...
2002-01-29 simondSome small fixes
2002-01-29 simondFix for #509843
2002-01-29 kinksmall fix
2002-01-29 kinkAttachment hooks now also allow specification of generi...
2002-01-29 kinkReplaced ereg_replace with str_replace on several occas...
2002-01-28 teepe_top bug, yet another help from Simon
2002-01-28 teepetypo
2002-01-28 kinkFixed display error in From-lines of the form: "Doe...
2002-01-28 kinkSaves users prefferences with permission 0600 in stead...
2002-01-28 kinkSUBJECT is now the default search criteria in stead...
2002-01-28 kinkMisc. documentation fixes by Simon Dick.
2002-01-28 kinkForgot one {
2002-01-28 kinkFixed *A LOT* of formatting...
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoAdded default language
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoComplete rewrite of the config file parser. Now it...
2002-01-28 kinkFixed formatting on these files.
2002-01-28 kinkChanged " to ' on some themes.
2002-01-28 kinkMisc fixes
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoBug localized.
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoOptionizer renamed
2002-01-28 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <arief@fisika.ui.ac.id>
2002-01-28 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <arief@fisika.ui.ac.id>
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoBugfixed joining lines with comments.
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoSome Administrator plugin instalation tips.
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoThis commit allows the administrator plugin to parse...
2002-01-27 teepe_top frame problem fix
2002-01-27 philippe_mingoMore defines
2002-01-27 kinkFixed formatting.
2002-01-27 kink- Fixed php_self when using virtual directories (#509139)
2002-01-27 kinkChanged squirrelmail-list to squirrelmail-users.