Fix two typos "squirrelmai" -> "squirrelmail". Sheesh.
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2003-10-29 tassiumFix two typos "squirrelmai" -> "squirrelmail". Sheesh.
2003-10-28 tassiumAdded @package and @subpackage tags (and in some cases...
2003-03-07 kinkFix requirements to reflect actual requirements accordi...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-10-06 jmunroSince changing to rg=0 we make extensive use of $_SESSI...
2002-09-21 kinkMore rg=0
2001-12-25 teepetheme style police
2001-12-24 fidianAdded the random theme