Happy New Year
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2020-01-07 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2019-01-08 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2018-01-16 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2017-10-02 pdontthinkMinor change
2017-01-27 pdontthinkHappy 2017
2016-01-01 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2015-01-03 pdontthinkHappy 2015
2014-01-01 pdontthinkHappy 2014
2013-07-26 jervforsUpdate copyright
2013-03-29 jervforsResetting $Id$
2012-01-02 pdontthinkUpdating copyrights. Happy New Year.
2011-01-06 pdontthinkHappy New Year!
2010-01-25 pdontthinkUpdate copyrights to 2010
2009-09-29 jervforsThe copyright symbol isn't really needed since the...
2009-04-15 jervforsThere are too many modified files being committed witho...
2009-03-26 pdontthinkAdd access keys for menubar
2008-12-21 pdontthinkFix body onload per FIXME
2008-01-05 pdontthinkVariable name correction
2007-08-30 pdontthinkRemove hook call from template; fix all corresponding...
2007-08-29 pdontthinkRevert 12623. It's frameSETs not frames.
2007-08-29 pdontthinkSimplify how frames are accessed
2007-08-28 pdontthinkFix PHP notice
2007-07-14 kinkuse PAGE_NAME in themes and templates
2007-05-18 pdontthinkRemove duplicated javascript function definition
2007-05-18 pdontthinkAdd autohide functionality for preview pane. Thanks...
2007-05-18 pdontthinkUpdate preview pane functionality so it only refreshes...
2007-03-09 pdontthinkAdding new plugin output section 'provider_link_after'
2007-03-09 pdontthinkAdding new plugin output section 'provider_link_before'
2007-02-08 kinkDrop the default top-right 'SquirrelMail' name and...
2007-02-06 pdontthinkRemove errant comment and add some comments about why...
2007-02-06 pdontthinkAllow other plugins/code to tell us to skip menubar
2007-02-06 pdontthinkNew plugin output added to page header top
2007-01-24 pdontthinkAdd preview pane to advanced default template. This...