Create template for errors when not logged in.
[squirrelmail.git] / templates / default / stylesheet.tpl
2006-04-06 stevetruckstuffCreate template for errors when not logged in.
2006-03-28 stevetruckstuffAdding template for error box.
2006-03-28 stevetruckstuffAdded ability for template authors to include additiona...
2006-03-06 stevetruckstuffAdding templates for the note in right_main.php, MOTD...
2006-02-21 jervforsFixing PHP short tag.
2006-02-21 stevetruckstuffNew icon theming. Also added basic template for left_m...
2006-02-13 tokulshort open tag
2006-02-11 stekkelAdded leftrecent in order to detect which folders conta...
2006-02-09 tokulreverting sqm_leftMain style changes.
2006-02-08 stekkelSteve Brown's work for the login.tpl template
2006-01-28 stekkelMerge of Steve Brown's patch
2006-01-23 tokulcopyright update
2006-01-04 tokulother formating for left_main.php. advanced_tree is...
2005-12-31 tokuladding some styles for left folder tree
2005-12-30 tokuladding css template