Better formatting (I hope)
[squirrelmail.git] / templates / default / login.tpl
2007-01-15 pdontthinkBetter formatting (I hope)
2007-01-15 pdontthinkRemove a spec of HTML from login.php
2006-12-30 pdontthinkRemove HTML from login src and add image template
2006-09-21 pdontthinkRemoving login_form hook, plugins can now use template_...
2006-09-07 pdontthinkSlight adjustment. Plugins create their own table...
2006-09-06 pdontthinkI don't remember why the login_form hook had to be...
2006-08-24 stevetruckstuffUpdate documentation.
2006-08-24 stevetruckstuffSimplify login page template
2006-04-06 stevetruckstuffAdded displaying of error messages to login page.
2006-02-08 stekkelSteve Brown login.tpl work.