Convert example theme to directory-based theme.
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2006-10-13 stevetruckstuffConvert example theme to directory-based theme.
2006-10-13 stevetruckstuffCSS corrections to empty folder template
2006-10-13 tassiumNo longer needed, removed at Paul's request
2006-10-06 stevetruckstuffMore CSS corrections
2006-10-06 stevetruckstuff1) More CSS corrections/cleanup
2006-10-04 stevetruckstuffMinor CSS corrections
2006-10-03 stevetruckstuffDemo of template-provided stylesheets.
2006-09-30 stevetruckstuffMove squirrelmail.css into default.css. squirrelmail...
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffcorrect typo.
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffCSS touchups
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffAdd new default.css. $color themes will be supported...
2006-09-28 pdontthinkMostly moved from base template dir