Fix missing internationalisation and display of empty cells, thanks
[squirrelmail.git] / templates / default / css / default.css
2008-05-05 kinkFix missing internationalisation and display of empty...
2008-02-07 jervforsReinserting support for the "iframe_height" option...
2007-08-09 pdontthinkAllow use of checkall=1 in URI for message list pages...
2007-02-27 kinkgeneralise folder_manip_dialog CSS into dialogbox CSS
2007-02-08 kinkadd squirrelmail attribution to the bottom of message...
2007-01-23 pdontthinkCenter is an illegal value for vertical-align
2007-01-07 kinkfixup logout error
2006-10-19 stevetruckstuffTemplate for viewing text attachments.
2006-10-19 stevetruckstuffTemplate for viewing HTML messages in iframes
2006-10-19 stevetruckstuffTemplate for view header feature.
2006-10-18 stevetruckstuffCSS for printer-friendly templates
2006-10-13 stevetruckstuffCSS corrections to empty folder template
2006-10-06 stevetruckstuffMore CSS corrections
2006-10-06 stevetruckstuff1) More CSS corrections/cleanup
2006-10-04 stevetruckstuffMinor CSS corrections
2006-09-30 stevetruckstuffMove squirrelmail.css into default.css. squirrelmail...
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffcorrect typo.
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffCSS touchups
2006-09-29 stevetruckstuffAdd new default.css. $color themes will be supported...
2006-09-28 pdontthinkMostly moved from base template dir