* added vcard url, skeleton functions. slow but not to slow ;) more is to come !
[squirrelmail.git] / src /
2002-10-11 thomppjno comment
2002-10-11 stekkelbackout my own change because it's probably to much...
2002-10-10 stekkelUI mods
2002-10-10 stekkelUI thread: Permission to add back the lines between...
2002-10-08 jmunroone more table to remove
2002-10-08 jmunroremoving what I thought were UI improvemnets :(
2002-10-07 thomppjSorry. I disagree.
2002-10-07 stekkelalignment modifications. You can't see the difference...
2002-10-07 stekkelanother frameset test
2002-10-07 jmunrocorrect border attribute for frameset
2002-10-07 jmunrotable looks better at full width
2002-10-07 jmunrolet the people be free to resize at will :)
2002-10-07 jmunroslightly better reply wrapping
2002-10-07 jmunrolittle prettier header display when reading messages
2002-10-07 jmunroword wrapping on replies now behaves like stable
2002-10-06 jmunroSince changing to rg=0 we make extensive use of $_SESSI...
2002-10-06 jmunrofix for prev/next for those poor souls not using server...
2002-10-06 stekkelsqsession_destroy
2002-10-06 stekkelinsert empty line before the forward header
2002-10-06 stekkelRemoved align = center. It looks better if it's aligned...
2002-10-06 stekkelrg=0 fix
2002-10-06 stekkelrg=0 fixes
2002-10-06 stekkelrg=0 fixes; ReplyCitation fix, Draft save fix
2002-10-06 stekkelrg=0 fix & put exit commands after the redirects
2002-09-30 kinkSome small optimizations
2002-09-30 kinkWriteout session data to disk before redirecting. Sugge...
2002-09-29 kinkMake show_more_(b)cc work again with rg=0
2002-09-27 stekkelrg=0 fix
2002-09-26 kinkRollback previous commit... seems move complicated
2002-09-26 kinkMissing var
2002-09-26 kinkDo not use mixed get/post variables because this breaks...
2002-09-25 stekkelrg=0 fix
2002-09-25 stekkelfix for not available attachment_common_types array...
2002-09-25 stekkelrg=0 updates
2002-09-25 stekkelinitialize f, replace if elseif .. by switch statement...
2002-09-25 stekkelrg=0 fixes
2002-09-25 stekkelrg=0 updates
2002-09-25 stekkelinitialize result array (unseen/total count)
2002-09-23 kinkFix SRC directory being moved on Windows systems: check...
2002-09-23 stekkelRemoved code we don't use anymore.
2002-09-22 kinkKeep on going... rg=0
2002-09-22 kinkEven more rg=0
2002-09-21 kinkMore rg=0
2002-09-21 kinkStart some register_globals = off fixes:
2002-09-18 kinkArray index off by 1
2002-09-16 thomppjRemoved someone's debug message.
2002-09-16 stekkelfix for forward as attachment from the messagelist
2002-09-16 stekkelFix for forward as attachment. (Make use of composeMessage)
2002-09-16 stekkelredirect fixes
2002-09-14 philippe_mingoXSS fix based on Jason's fix
2002-09-13 philippe_mingo4) XSS in help.php:
2002-09-13 kinkRemove redundant spaces around the login.. this prevent...
2002-09-13 philippe_mingo5) XSS in addressbook (different):
2002-09-13 philippe_mingo_MAIN_ Exploit:
2002-09-13 philippe_mingo_OTHER_ Holes:
2002-09-10 indiri69More SM_PATH changes
2002-09-09 indiri69Some code cleanups to read_body.php
2002-09-08 kinkFix HTML-compliance here and there.
2002-09-08 kinkDo not parse Message-ID as emailaddress.
2002-09-08 kinkBetter error messages: for some reason, the strings...
2002-09-07 indiri69array_key_exists() only exists in PHP 4 >= 4.1.0
2002-09-06 philippe_mingoMasato's fix
2002-09-06 stekkelahh, from is an array
2002-09-06 stekkelextra address checking
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-09-06 thomppjPart 1 of switch to use of SM_PATH with require_once.
2002-09-05 thomppjs/Deliver_SentMail/Deliver_SendMail/
2002-09-05 stekkelfix warning
2002-09-05 stekkelfixed warning
2002-09-05 stekkelMake use of the deliver class
2002-09-04 stekkelFirst fixes
2002-09-04 thomppjChanged subfolder summing to only show total for subfol...
2002-09-04 stekkelVery big update to make use of the new Deliver class.
2002-09-04 thomppjReworked subfolder message count and all. Open to sugge...
2002-09-03 itsbruceAttachments now opened with binary flag, for windows...
2002-09-02 jmunroWhen using unseen notify on all folders
2002-08-30 stekkelfix in case we couldn;t retrieve the message from the...
2002-08-29 thomppjFirst, more formatting conventions.
2002-08-28 indiri69Allow messages with addresses in BCC only.
2002-08-28 robsiembwhoops, remove extra variable
2002-08-28 stekkelput back text-decoration:none
2002-08-28 jmunrowebmail top hook
2002-08-27 robsiemb. fixed 'heigth' typo to 'height'
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for viewing html entities with images involved.
2002-08-26 stekkelfix for downloadlink and for redirecting html entities
2002-08-26 stekkelfix warning
2002-08-24 philippe_mingoTypo. _ was missing.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoSome indentation.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoOOOpps. Looks like Marc and I were working on the same...
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoMasato:
2002-08-23 stekkelfix for reply wrapping.
2002-08-23 stekkelfixes for changed attachment handling
2002-08-22 indiri69Added two new hooks 'read_body_menu_top' and 'read_body...
2002-08-22 indiri69Only show text/plain if show_html_default=0
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoSome fixes
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-08-22 stekkelAdded toggle_all link + formatting changes
2002-08-22 stekkelfixed problem with forwarding messages
2002-08-21 thomppjLots of small user interface fixes. Added user option...
2002-08-21 indiri69Missed a spelling change