Added basic support for message highlighting. Note that this needs quite
[squirrelmail.git] / src /
2000-06-18 lkehresmanAdded basic support for message highlighting. Note...
2000-06-18 lkehresmanmoved buttons on compose form so they are more accessab...
2000-06-16 lbergmanAdded error check and message for missing ../help/en...
2000-06-09 lbergmanCorrected UGLY html output, now looks more common sense.
2000-06-08 lbergmanAdded internationalization compatibility to error message.
2000-06-08 lbergmanInitial add, provides dynamic menu for left frame built...
2000-06-08 lbergmanRemoved help related code, moved tp left_help.php.
2000-06-08 lbergmanMade call for help bring up left_help.php for left...
2000-06-06 lbergmanAdded check for ?help.php so left frame is set large.
2000-06-05 lbergmancorrected error which caused no data
2000-06-05 lbergmanadded help menu stuff
2000-06-05 lbergmanAdded variable, this needs work and possible substitution.
2000-06-05 lbergmanChecks for user language availability and includes...
2000-06-05 lbergmanadded a fourth method (?help.php) to call webmail.
2000-05-25 gustavfCleaned up HTML.
2000-05-25 gustavfCleaned up generated HTML-code.
2000-05-25 gustavfMoved printing of HTML-header into page_header.php.
2000-05-08 lkehresmanadded some fixed mentioned on the mailing list
2000-05-06 lkehresmanupdated theme, fixed problem expunging
2000-05-06 lkehresmanhopefully fixed [ NONE ] problem
2000-05-05 lkehresmanfixed some bugs with sending to inbox after send.
2000-05-05 lkehresmansending messages takes you back to previous mailbox
2000-05-05 lkehresmanaddress book saves stuff between instances
2000-05-05 lkehresmanremoved debugging info
2000-05-05 lkehresmanupdated html address book
2000-05-04 lkehresmanadded html addr book search file
2000-05-04 palloFixed some of the JavaScript related code.
2000-05-03 lkehresmanbasic html address book
2000-04-30 lkehresmanupdated bugs file, changed version number to pre2
2000-04-28 lkehresmanremoved debugging info
2000-04-28 lkehresmanbugfixes
2000-04-28 lkehresmanupdates and speedimporovements
2000-04-27 oricnAdded a quick fix for th gettext _ function as page_hea...
2000-04-27 lkehresmanupdated documentation, fixed bugs with displaying multi...
2000-04-26 palloAdded function to select an address and close the windo...
2000-04-26 lkehresmanfixed bugs with cache
2000-04-24 oricnQuick Fix on Trash Folder. echo $line; was AFTER <...
2000-04-21 lkehresmanRemoved special folders, made them user preferences
2000-04-21 cosworthRemove automatically subscibing INBOX, hack no longer...
2000-04-21 lkehresmanfixed bugs in next/previous
2000-04-20 lkehresmanfixed signout problem with deleting session 2x
2000-04-20 lkehresmanmade sorting method persistant using session management
2000-04-20 lkehresmanfixed message deleting problem
2000-04-18 lkehresmanrefixed bug for fetching headers
2000-04-18 lkehresmanfixed the problem with us not being RFC complient for...
2000-04-14 lkehresmanbugfixes with folder listing
2000-04-14 lkehresmanadded speed improvements
2000-04-13 nehresmaadded caching of messages in mailbox, as well as next...
2000-04-12 gpadghamAdded feature to allow users to customize how many...
2000-04-12 nehresmachanged log in method back to using cookies. also...
2000-04-11 lkehresmanchanged <? to <?php in everything
2000-04-11 lkehresmanadded dropdown box for subscribe
2000-04-11 cosworthFixed back link.
2000-04-10 cosworth< change to <=, I was right the first time, I will...
2000-04-10 cosworthOkay, I was wrong about the <= thing, I changed it...
2000-04-10 cosworthAdded a more automated way to create Sent and Trash...
2000-04-10 cosworthMade change to line 193 to make the subscribe option...
2000-04-10 lkehresmanfixed a few places where cookies were still being set
2000-04-10 lkehresmanclicking on email addr sends you to compose screen
2000-04-10 nehresmalogged_in bug fix
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded use of PHP's session management
2000-04-10 lkehresmanAdded email addr parsing, added bugfix for boundary...
2000-04-06 palloFixed bug in HTML when addressbook is empty.
2000-04-04 lkehresmanAdded i18n support to left_main
2000-04-04 lkehresmanadded folder_prefix option
2000-04-04 lkehresmanmade it possible to have a base imap directory for...
2000-04-03 palloNow works with track_vars off.
2000-04-02 nehresmaadded fix for emptying trash where you don't actually...
2000-04-02 palloAddress management (delete & modify) complete.
2000-03-31 nehresmafixed a bug with trailing whitespace on inserting addresses
2000-03-31 lkehresmanfixed bug where "use a signature" appeared twice.
2000-03-30 palloAdded addressbook management.
2000-03-30 palloFixed error handling and improved output.
2000-03-29 cosworth*** empty log message ***
2000-03-28 palloAdded _() to some strings missing from translation.
2000-03-28 gustavfMade a few strings easier to translate.
2000-03-25 palloAdded addressbook+LDAP functions.
2000-03-25 lkehresmanadded folders_subscribe
2000-03-25 lkehresmanmajor speed improvements
2000-03-25 lkehresmanAdded unsubscribe/subscribe to folders
2000-03-24 lkehresmansaving sent messages works!
2000-03-24 lkehresmanfixed color problems with error messagees in compose.
2000-03-24 gustavfMade page encoding a function if the users selected...
2000-03-21 gustavfChanged htmpsecialchars(decodeHeader(...)) to
2000-03-19 lkehresmanfixed minor bug with deleting folders that had quotes...
2000-03-19 lkehresmanAdded use of $imapPort
2000-03-15 lkehresmanadded saving attachments again, and removed a "click...
2000-03-15 gustavfAdded page_header.php to make i18n work in left_main...
2000-03-15 gustavfThings should now work even if PHP is compiled without...
2000-03-09 lkehresmanjust made it look nicer
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed some slash problems
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed a bug with email addresses not displaying right...
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed renaming problems
2000-03-09 lkehresmanfixed bug that enabled creating folders under "noinferi...
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed a typo
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed a bug when no folders exist
2000-03-07 lkehresmanfixed login problems
2000-03-05 lkehresmanAdded preference for changing left folder list size
2000-03-05 lkehresmanRemoved font tags
2000-03-05 nehresmathink finally fixed the deleting of folders stuff.. :)