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2001-04-23 fidian* Stupid browsers and their headers.
2001-04-23 fidian* Finally fixed that weird To/Cc/Bcc bug (it might...
2001-04-23 fidian* Sending messages now works as expected
2001-04-22 lkehresmanwhoops.. meant to uncomment this
2001-04-22 lkehresman* added signout_page option to redirect after signout
2001-04-22 lkehresmangreatly improved smtp error handling (doesn't trash...
2001-04-22 lkehresmana few html bug fixes
2001-04-22 lkehresman*** empty log message ***
2001-04-21 lkehresmanadded option to enable/disable alternating row colors
2001-04-21 lkehresmanfixed bug that didn't display folders with spaces in...
2001-04-20 fidian* Fixed error when logging out
2001-04-20 fidian* Incremented left folder size by 10
2001-04-20 fidian* Forgot to mention that "Download this as a file"...
2001-04-19 fidian* When you browse for an attachment, then hit the Addre...
2001-04-19 fidian* Removed another warning
2001-04-19 fidian* Fixed a bug I created where the themes would get...
2001-04-19 fidian* Got bored and copied all the validate.php and define...
2001-04-16 fidian* Shows the attached file's type and size
2001-04-16 lkehresmanadded download enhancements to 1.1 tree
2001-04-16 gustavfAdded security patch
2001-04-13 fidian* split uses regexps. explode does not.
2001-04-10 fidian* Fixed typo when forwarding a message with attachments...
2001-04-03 fidian* Consider it done.
2001-04-03 fidian* Bugfix from Albert Novak <anovak@pu.carnet.hr>
2001-04-02 fidian* Removed warning messages
2001-03-28 fidian* I really didn't like the old attachment code
2001-03-22 fidian* Fixed bug when editing message highlighting
2001-03-18 lkehresmanadded bcc to html addressbook search (should have been...
2001-03-16 fidian* Added the !== false bit to the strstr so that even...
2001-03-15 fidian* UW workaround improved, methinks.
2001-03-10 palloMerged from stable (sm-1_0) branch: Fixed bug in folder...
2001-03-09 palloMerged from stable branch: added missing quote
2001-03-08 fidian* Changed preferences to cache them for reading (Yeay!)
2001-03-07 fidian* Removes (Purge) from next to Trash folder if there...
2001-03-07 fidian* Better error message
2001-03-07 fidian* If possible, replies now use the text-only version...
2001-03-07 fidian* Added code to show text/html messages (immediately...
2001-03-03 fidian* Fixed problem for forwarding files too.
2001-03-03 fidian* HTML cleaned up a bit
2001-02-24 lkehresmanadded bugfix from 1.0.3cvs
2001-02-22 centaurixadded check if loading of the theme is successful.
2001-02-22 lkehresmanput Tyler's collapsable folder listing back in
2001-02-20 cosworth$just_logged_in need to be set to 1 not 0. This kept...
2001-02-16 jbnanceSig Prefix fix (forgot getPref)
2001-02-16 fidian* Probable bugfixes for attachment code
2001-02-15 jbnanceIncluded no -- prefix support for signature.
2001-02-12 lbergmanrefined uw security patch
2001-02-10 lkehresmanreverted changes so that collapsable folders are only...
2001-02-10 fidian* This is pathetic.
2001-02-10 fidian* Now it works as it should to a bit more.
2001-02-10 fidian* Forgot to catch an 'if' so I could get proper indentation
2001-02-10 fidian* Another little bug I made when I was mucking with...
2001-02-10 fidian* Removed one line by accident
2001-02-10 fidian* Removed the unnecessary function replace_escaped_spac...
2001-02-10 lbergmanfix bug in display with no name
2001-02-09 lbergmanfixed errors
2001-02-09 lbergmanfixed errors in 'some'
2001-02-09 lbergmanfixed a '\ that should have been " "
2001-02-09 lbergmanfixed a '\ that should have been " "
2001-02-09 lbergman"me" to 'you'
2001-02-09 lbergman"me" to 'you'
2001-02-09 fidian* Helping out with the "me" to 'you' changes
2001-02-09 lbergman"me" to 'you'
2001-02-09 lbergman"me" to 'you', made attempt to be more carfull for...
2001-02-09 graf25Now compares the user's language cookie with his prefer...
2001-02-09 fidian* Fixed typo
2001-02-09 fidian* Now the MIME type can be overridden (if you have...
2001-02-09 lbergman"here" to 'there'
2001-02-09 fidian* <?= ?> tags changed to <?php echo ?>
2001-02-09 fidian* We now escape properly in strings
2001-02-09 fidian* Removed all of the echo statements
2001-02-09 fidian* Fixed HTML image tag not being closed.
2001-02-09 graf25Bugfixes in l10n
2001-02-09 lkehresmanfixed minor spelling error
2001-02-09 graf25using isset($CHARSET) for consistency (and probably...
2001-02-09 lbergmanreplaced "foo" with 'foo' while doing other
2001-02-08 graf25Workarounds for Russian Apache and charsets/attachments...
2001-02-08 lkehresmanfixed search folder list display
2001-02-07 fidian* Minor bugfixes with addressbooks
2001-02-07 lkehresmanusing tyler's method, added OPTIONAL workaround for...
2001-02-06 fidian* Fixed my typo
2001-02-06 fidian* Cleaned up some code
2001-02-06 fidian* More fixes
2001-02-06 fidian* Very minor bugfixes
2001-02-06 thomppjspelling mistake
2001-02-06 lkehresmanfixed some warnings
2001-02-06 lkehresman* updated sweedish
2001-02-05 palloFixed some untranslated strings that already is transla...
2001-02-05 palloAdded some missing includes.
2001-02-03 fidian* All incoming form values now have stripslashes()...
2001-02-02 fidianForgot to use isset() instead of count() because I...
2001-02-02 fidianWeird. sqStripSlashes isn't needed anymore for form...
2001-02-02 fidianAdded comments saying where the workaround is.
2001-02-02 lkehresmanmore warnings removed
2001-02-01 lkehresmanfixed warnings
2001-02-01 lkehresmanremoved error messages
2001-02-01 lkehresmanwarnings removed
2001-02-01 lkehresmanworkaround for SELECT problem
2001-02-01 lkehresman* speed improvemnts in sorting
2001-02-01 fidianRemoved newline eraser workaround for Konqueror.