Right-to-left fixes from Saleh Madi <webmail@p-i-s.com> (part 2)
[squirrelmail.git] / src / read_body.php
2003-01-19 tokulRight-to-left fixes from Saleh Madi <webmail@p-i-s...
2003-01-11 tokulQuick fix. Closes bug #660529.
2003-01-06 kinkMake use of the more detailed error reporting provided...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-12-23 kinkAparently, within a javascript "window" function you...
2002-12-21 kinkAssorted fixes, courtesy Roberto De Luca && kink
2002-12-20 kinkuse handleAsSent in stead of == $sent_folder.
2002-12-06 kinkXXS fixes, as in stable
2002-11-06 tassiumMerging in the tassium-auth branch.
2002-11-05 tassiumFix for calls to Deliver_SMTP->initStream() having...
2002-10-28 indiri69Formatting cleanups
2002-10-23 stekkeltable tag fixes
2002-10-23 stekkelfix for navigating links in digests. Added check for...
2002-10-22 stekkelrollback take 99
2002-10-22 stekkellayout enhancements. Split up toolbar in Compose relate...
2002-10-18 indiri69Added Previous and Next for digest parts. Let me know...
2002-10-16 stekkelUI consistancy: added space between attachments and...
2002-10-16 thomppjSwitched back align=center for body text.
2002-10-11 thomppjno comment
2002-10-11 stekkelbackout my own change because it's probably to much...
2002-10-10 stekkelUI thread: Permission to add back the lines between...
2002-10-08 jmunroone more table to remove
2002-10-08 jmunroremoving what I thought were UI improvemnets :(
2002-10-07 thomppjSorry. I disagree.
2002-10-07 jmunrolittle prettier header display when reading messages
2002-10-06 jmunrofix for prev/next for those poor souls not using server...
2002-10-06 stekkelRemoved align = center. It looks better if it's aligned...
2002-09-29 kinkMake show_more_(b)cc work again with rg=0
2002-09-25 stekkelrg=0 updates
2002-09-22 kinkEven more rg=0
2002-09-21 kinkMore rg=0
2002-09-09 indiri69Some code cleanups to read_body.php
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-09-06 thomppjPart 1 of switch to use of SM_PATH with require_once.
2002-09-05 thomppjs/Deliver_SentMail/Deliver_SendMail/
2002-09-05 stekkelMake use of the deliver class
2002-09-03 itsbruceAttachments now opened with binary flag, for windows...
2002-08-29 thomppjFirst, more formatting conventions.
2002-08-24 philippe_mingoTypo. _ was missing.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoMasato:
2002-08-22 indiri69Added two new hooks 'read_body_menu_top' and 'read_body...
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-08-21 thomppjLots of small user interface fixes. Added user option...
2002-08-21 indiri69Missed a spelling change
2002-08-21 indiri69How we call findDisplayEntity should depend on whether...
2002-08-20 stekkelenable hook html_top
2002-08-19 stekkelrestore Paul's changes :-)
2002-08-19 stekkeldownload related fixes
2002-08-19 stekkelfix for bug #596930
2002-08-17 thomppjFixed case on "Forward as Attachment" option in envelop...
2002-08-16 stekkeldon't allow send read_receipts (MDN) if the message...
2002-08-16 stekkelfetch header in case of message/rfc822 attachments...
2002-08-16 stekkelfix for attachment bgcolor
2002-08-15 thomppjChanged new word for Envelope Options
2002-08-15 thomppjFixed vertical alignment of envelope attributes (which...
2002-08-15 stekkelforgot <b>
2002-08-15 stekkelformatting and added forward as attachment link
2002-08-15 thomppjUpdated filters plugin to work with UID support.
2002-08-06 stekkelrfc822_header stuff
2002-07-31 stekkelWhoops, some experimental stuff was left.
2002-07-31 stekkelfix for incorrect urlencode.
2002-07-31 stekkelstupid typo Thnx Thijs Kinkhorst
2002-07-30 stekkelAdded separation line between the differen entities
2002-07-30 stekkelwhere/what support
2002-07-30 stekkelmoved out identity stuff and removed redirect to view_h...
2002-07-29 stekkelsmall fixes
2002-07-29 stekkeladded navigate through messages with attached message...
2002-07-29 stekkelrollback to inline html echo statements
2002-07-25 stekkeladdapted url to compose.php for a less complex code
2002-07-25 thomppjRenamed class/*.class files to class/*.class.php and...
2002-07-14 teepe<HTML> tag placement fix
2002-07-14 teepesmall html errors. The page now passes the html validat...
2002-07-14 teepesmall formatting fixes
2002-07-14 teepesmall formatting fix
2002-07-12 stekkelmake use of the html-class
2002-07-09 stekkeladded mailbox and id to functioncall formatBody
2002-07-08 stakadushMore fixes due to R2L implementation (bugs were posted...
2002-07-08 stekkelfix uid => uid_support
2002-07-06 indiri69Removed duplicate code
2002-07-06 indiri69Removed a bunch of Ctrl-Ms at the ends of lines
2002-07-05 stekkelremoved debug message and modified the messages array.
2002-07-05 stekkeladdapted read_body to the new mime_class
2002-06-26 philippe_mingor2l by yoav
2002-06-26 philippe_mingo"Kent B. Hansen" <kent@tpv.dk> & r2l by Yoav
2002-06-18 indiri69Moved one section of code down below the read_body_top...
2002-06-17 kinkDo not display email addr as link in View Headers
2002-06-10 jmunroadded a hook for Jimmy Conner
2002-05-30 stekkelminor fix
2002-05-30 stekkelmodification to get the text entity in case we are...
2002-05-30 stekkelchange for new method of getting display entity
2002-05-29 stekkelsilly typo and a fix for browsers which don't understan...
2002-05-29 stekkelFixed clearing MDN attachment.
2002-05-29 stekkelfix for sending MDN with the javascript confirm dialog...
2002-05-24 stekkelfix comp_in_new
2002-05-24 stekkelfixed comp_in_new handling
2002-05-14 jmunrofix for bug #554886
2002-05-01 stekkelfix bug 550586
2002-04-17 jmunrofixed for changes to conf.pl.
2002-04-17 jmunromore consistant fix.
2002-04-17 jmunrofixed javascript error with MDN