Printable version should not use theme colors but fixed black-text-on-white-background.
[squirrelmail.git] / src / printer_friendly_bottom.php
2003-03-27 kinkPrintable version should not use theme colors but fixed...
2003-03-11 kinkMore cleanup. This dir all done.
2003-03-07 janglissFixed incorrect decoding of mailbox name... $_GET vars...
2003-02-28 stekkelcharset encode /decode fixes
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-12-22 kinkA small start in making Sqm XHTML 1.0 valid
2002-12-17 stekkelmake printer friendly view work with rfc822 attachments
2002-12-06 kinkXXS fixes, as in stable
2002-10-07 jmunrotable looks better at full width
2002-09-21 kinkMore rg=0
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-09-06 thomppjPart 1 of switch to use of SM_PATH with require_once.
2002-08-22 indiri69Only show text/plain if show_html_default=0
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-08-21 thomppjLots of small user interface fixes. Added user option...
2002-08-06 stekkelrestyling and some fixes
2002-07-31 stekkelFix for incorrect header in case of message/rfc822...
2002-07-30 stekkelfixes for supporting the mime-class. Support displaying...
2002-06-25 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-05-30 stekkelfix for magicHTML call
2002-04-14 teepeFixed html tables in printer_friendly_bottom.php (patch...
2002-01-28 kinkFixed formatting on these files.
2002-01-02 philippe_mingoPrinter friendly fixed. Now it prints HTML messages.
2001-12-26 philippe_mingoBug reported by Boris Manojlovic <>
2001-12-23 thomppjGetting ready for 1.2.0 release.
2001-12-02 thomppjCode cleanup brigage...
2001-11-21 philippe_mingo(c) stuff
2001-11-17 philippe_mingoInternationlization of print header
2001-11-16 teepeintegrated printer_friendly into the core