Getting ready for 1.2.0 release.
[squirrelmail.git] / src / options_highlight.php
2001-12-23 thomppjGetting ready for 1.2.0 release.
2001-12-02 thomppjCleanup work.
2001-11-24 philippe_mingoSome cleanup.
2001-11-21 philippe_mingo(c) stuff
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoOperation "foo_once".
2001-05-21 fidian* Wasteful str_replaces could have been done with a...
2001-05-21 lkehresmanadded a grid of colors to message highlighting
2001-05-15 fidian* Moved load_prefs.php and display_page.php (or whateve...
2001-05-15 allah03Lots of little UI tweaks and some handsome borders...
2001-04-26 fidian* To reduce on errors, I moved the includes for config...
2001-04-19 fidian* Got bored and copied all the validate.php and define...
2001-03-22 fidian* Fixed bug when editing message highlighting
2001-02-12 lbergmanrefined uw security patch
2001-02-10 lbergmanfix bug in display with no name
2001-02-09 fidian* Helping out with the "me" to 'you' changes
2001-02-09 lbergman"me" to 'you', made attempt to be more carfull for...
2001-02-01 lkehresman* speed improvemnts in sorting
2001-01-30 fidianMany more warnings removed.
2001-01-30 fidianRemoved a lot of the warnings generated when PHP has...
2000-08-04 lkehresman- added more hooks
2000-08-03 lkehresmanfixed some quoting problems in searching and message...
2000-08-03 lkehresmanadded css theme stuff to signout.php
2000-07-31 lkehresman- fixed bug when deleting last message, sends you to...
2000-07-30 lkehresmanupdated some themes to make colors more vivid and readable
2000-07-24 lkehresmanchanged <? to <?php in a few places in options_*
2000-07-10 lkehresman- fixed bugs in sorting by from and subject
2000-07-08 lkehresman- added a bunch of sqimap_logout's where none existed
2000-07-07 lkehresman- added a view header option