added fix for translations (changed some ' to ")
[squirrelmail.git] / src / options_display.php
2001-01-15 lkehresmanadded fix for translations (changed some ' to ")
2000-10-21 fidianAdded html_top and html_bottom hooks to read_body for...
2000-09-28 fidianFolder list bar on left/right
2000-08-31 gpadgham-added patch 101376 => makes some things in folders...
2000-08-14 lkehresmanadded more hooks in options page for inline options
2000-08-04 lkehresman- added more hooks
2000-07-31 lkehresman- fixed bug when deleting last message, sends you to...
2000-07-24 lkehresmanchanged <? to <?php in a few places in options_*
2000-07-10 lkehresman- fixed bugs in sorting by from and subject
2000-07-07 lkehresman- added a view header option