identity match
[squirrelmail.git] / src / compose.php
2002-10-17 stekkelidentity match
2002-10-16 stekkelrenamed sendMessage function to deliverMessage so it...
2002-10-16 stekkeltypo
2002-10-15 teepethe html was horrible, and it nuked netscape in display...
2002-10-15 stekkelRecover composemessages when the session is lost
2002-10-07 jmunroslightly better reply wrapping
2002-10-07 jmunroword wrapping on replies now behaves like stable
2002-10-06 jmunroSince changing to rg=0 we make extensive use of $_SESSI...
2002-10-06 stekkelinsert empty line before the forward header
2002-10-06 stekkelrg=0 fixes; ReplyCitation fix, Draft save fix
2002-09-26 kinkMissing var
2002-09-23 kinkFix SRC directory being moved on Windows systems: check...
2002-09-22 kinkEven more rg=0
2002-09-21 kinkMore rg=0
2002-09-16 stekkelfix for forward as attachment from the messagelist
2002-09-07 indiri69array_key_exists() only exists in PHP 4 >= 4.1.0
2002-09-06 philippe_mingoMasato's fix
2002-09-06 stekkelahh, from is an array
2002-09-06 stekkelextra address checking
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-09-06 thomppjPart 1 of switch to use of SM_PATH with require_once.
2002-09-05 thomppjs/Deliver_SentMail/Deliver_SendMail/
2002-09-05 stekkelfix warning
2002-09-04 stekkelFirst fixes
2002-09-04 stekkelVery big update to make use of the new Deliver class.
2002-09-03 itsbruceAttachments now opened with binary flag, for windows...
2002-08-28 indiri69Allow messages with addresses in BCC only.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoSome indentation.
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoOOOpps. Looks like Marc and I were working on the same...
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoMasato:
2002-08-23 stekkelfix for reply wrapping.
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-08-22 stekkelfixed problem with forwarding messages
2002-08-21 thomppjLots of small user interface fixes. Added user option...
2002-08-21 stekkelfix for dissapearing carriage returns in case of draft...
2002-08-21 stekkelfix for bug-report
2002-08-19 stekkelfix for getting the filenames
2002-08-16 stekkelstore attachments in user_pref for restoring compose...
2002-08-16 stekkelfix for forwarding message/rfc822 entities as attachment
2002-08-15 stekkelformat as attachment implemented
2002-08-14 stekkelfix for reference headers
2002-08-13 stekkelfix for "untitled" attachment names
2002-08-13 stekkelfix for decode different entities
2002-08-12 stekkelpatch #591230 from Toshiharu Moriyama
2002-08-10 kinkFix fixed length for forwarded message delimiter.
2002-08-08 philippe_mingo"Jukka Salmi" <>
2002-08-08 stekkelfix for modified header: $filename = header->getParamet...
2002-08-07 stekkelforgotten update, part of the rfc822_header stuff
2002-07-31 stekkelsupport for picking up the attachments in case of an...
2002-07-31 stekkeladded recover mechanism in case of expired sessions
2002-07-30 stekkelfix for handling other incoming vars (Thnx Bruce <itsbr...
2002-07-30 stekkelinsert identity stuff from read_body
2002-07-25 stekkeltypo
2002-07-25 stekkelreordered for easier code
2002-07-23 centaurixfixed bug #585340
2002-07-22 jmunrofix for bug #585012
2002-07-05 stekkelupdate for changed message class
2002-06-26 philippe_mingobugfix
2002-06-24 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-07 kinkIf file_uploads are disabled in PHP, do not display...
2002-05-30 stekkelprepare compose.php to reply/forward to multiple entities.
2002-05-27 graf25Small html cleanup. (#560533)
2002-05-24 stekkelfixed edit message as new
2002-05-24 stekkelfixed comp_in_new handling
2002-05-20 philippe_mingoThis is a fix for the eml forward module
2002-05-17 jmunrofix for bug #556143. better word wrapping on replies
2002-05-14 jmunrofix for bug #554886
2002-05-09 jmunrofix for bug #552961 broke the reply ">" format. removin...
2002-05-09 jmunrofix for bug #552961, word wrapping problems.
2002-04-29 jmunrolittle prettiness for compose in new window before...
2002-04-17 jmunrolets the users set the size of the 'compose in new...
2002-04-17 jmunrofix warnings
2002-04-16 graf25A tiny fix-up.
2002-04-16 graf25Fixins fer [ 495073 ] Weird Spacing on Composed Msgs...
2002-04-12 kinkFix #542812, mdn checkboxes were not being preserved.
2002-04-01 simondCommit fixes courtesy of Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-24 philippe_mingoBugfix
2002-03-23 philippe_mingoOptimization:
2002-03-20 simondInclude Cc in forwarded message, with option to toggle...
2002-03-19 brong*** empty log message ***
2002-03-13 jmunrobug # 523853 Added an option to put the automatic signa...
2002-03-09 stekkelfix for broken draft. Patch by Ryan O'Neill
2002-03-08 stekkelchanged attachment handling by looking at the compose...
2002-02-20 simondRemove &amp usage from Location headers
2002-02-19 brongWow - I believe this is finally all the &amp;'s in...
2002-02-14 philippe_mingoAdded signature into multiple identities.
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoCode cleanup
2002-02-11 philippe_mingoBugfix in draft folders
2002-02-11 jmunrofixed several warnings about Undefined vars
2002-02-11 jmunroAdded a "compose in new window" option located in displ...
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoThis commit contains several syntax fix.
2002-02-09 ullgrenAdded support for requesting on delivery reciepts
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoConfirmation checkbox moved
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoText MDN fixed
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoMDN support. First approach.
2002-01-29 kinkReplaced ereg_replace with str_replace on several occas...
2002-01-11 philippe_mingoThe auto focus module has been a little bit improved...
2001-12-31 graf25Right now decodeHeader will encode the non-ascii text...
2001-12-27 antipodeMinor simplification.
2001-12-27 antipodeRe-uglified `else's.