Added hook at the bottom named addressbook_bottom for import plugin.
[squirrelmail.git] / src / addressbook.php
2000-08-04 lbergmanAdded hook at the bottom named addressbook_bottom...
2000-08-04 lkehresman- added more hooks
2000-07-05 lbergmanAdded minimum GNU License
2000-07-02 nehresmafixed html problem and spelling error
2000-06-30 lbergmanAdded csv import form HTML to addressbook.php.
2000-06-29 gustavfRemoved dependency on IMAP. Uses auth.php instead.
2000-06-28 palloSome changes to HTML table code.
2000-06-24 lkehresmanmade a few asthetic changes to addressbook.php -- made...
2000-05-25 gustavfMoved printing of HTML-header into page_header.php.
2000-04-12 nehresmachanged log in method back to using cookies. also...
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded use of PHP's session management
2000-04-06 palloFixed bug in HTML when addressbook is empty.
2000-04-03 palloNow works with track_vars off.
2000-04-02 palloAddress management (delete & modify) complete.
2000-03-30 palloAdded addressbook management.