Added "List all" button to javascript address book.
[squirrelmail.git] / src / addrbook_search.php
2000-06-21 palloAdded "List all" button to javascript address book.
2000-05-25 gustavfMoved printing of HTML-header into page_header.php.
2000-04-26 palloAdded function to select an address and close the windo...
2000-04-12 nehresmachanged log in method back to using cookies. also...
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded use of PHP's session management
2000-03-31 nehresmafixed a bug with trailing whitespace on inserting addresses
2000-03-30 palloFixed error handling and improved output.
2000-03-28 palloAdded _() to some strings missing from translation.
2000-03-28 gustavfMade a few strings easier to translate.
2000-03-25 palloAdded addressbook+LDAP functions.