Added fortune plugin and --no-location options.
[squirrelmail.git] / po / xgetpo
2003-01-16 tokulAdded fortune plugin and --no-location options.
2002-10-11 philippe_mingonew folder added
2002-10-08 philippe_mingoAdded new folders.
2002-07-04 stakadushSmall change to xgetpo. When I added plugins/abook_take...
2002-07-04 stakadushUpdated po/squirrelmail.po file with strings in abook_take.
2002-02-09 philippe_mingoAdded the hability to introduce external strings.
2002-02-07 philippe_mingopo update
2002-02-04 philippe_mingoINBOX fix
2002-01-30 graf25Updating for the module moves in squirrelspell.
2002-01-30 philippe_mingo* Fixed intl. of addrbook_search_html.php
2002-01-24 philippe_mingoDelete_move_next plugin added.
2002-01-23 philippe_mingoPhilippe Mingo
2002-01-22 philippe_mingoNew Plugins strings.
2001-12-24 philippe_mingoMany last minute fixes
2001-11-23 philippe_mingoadded mail_fetch strings
2001-11-16 philippe_mingonewmail plugin strings
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoNew strings.
2001-11-10 philippe_mingoMore plugin internationalization (not yet finished)
2001-11-08 philippe_mingoInternationalization of the filter plugin.
2001-10-09 philippe_mingo* Added a page selector between Previous and Next.
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoAdded script to regenerate main SM's PO