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2002-09-16 stekkelfixed warnings
2002-09-13 stekkelTime to stop coding for tonight. Making this kind of...
2002-09-13 stekkeluid fix
2002-09-12 thomppjPutting back SM_PATH the way it should be and eliminati...
2002-09-12 indiri69Need chdir in plugins when data_dir is relative
2002-09-11 stekkelSM_PATH fix
2002-09-10 indiri69Message details seems to work without chdir now.
2002-09-10 indiri69More SM_PATH changes
2002-09-10 indiri69Javascript detection no longer requires SquirrelSpell.
2002-09-10 stekkelif I don't do a chdir('..') required files in required...
2002-09-09 thomppjEliminated all eveil chdir statements.
2002-09-08 kinkFix a bunch of plugins to cope with moved load_prefs...
2002-09-07 indiri69Fixed some string issues.
2002-09-07 indiri69Added require_once for filters.php
2002-09-06 indiri69Fixed validate.php require
2002-09-06 stekkelArgg
2002-09-06 stekkelSMPATH BORKED everything
2002-09-06 stekkelalmost forgot: SMPATH fixes from Paul BORKED spamcop
2002-09-06 stekkelSMPATH fix
2002-09-06 stekkelSMPATH fix
2002-09-06 stekkelSMPATH fix
2002-09-06 stekkelfix for new SMPATH
2002-09-06 thomppjAdded fortune plugin.
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-09-05 stekkelAdded Message details plugin to CVS
2002-09-04 stekkelforgot something
2002-09-04 stekkeluntested uid_support fix
2002-08-31 thomppjMade calender plugin conform to SquirrelMail Project...
2002-08-31 kinkRemove NOOP checks. This breaks some things without...
2002-08-26 thomppjFixed strings so that they would be mo better english. :)
2002-08-26 philippe_mingoTypo
2002-08-23 kinkSeems to be using a PHP 4.1 only function... changing...
2002-08-23 indiri69Replaced some deleted lines that are need for filters...
2002-08-23 indiri69Fixed typo
2002-08-23 indiri69Removed spaces from end of SEARCH string, UW doesn...
2002-08-23 indiri69Added missing
2002-08-23 stekkelmake use of sqimap_read_data_list in imap_general ...
2002-08-22 indiri69Moved links to bottom of menu before header
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoFix
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoIndentation & Bugfix
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-08-21 thomppjLots of small user interface fixes. Added user option...
2002-08-21 stekkelfixed a lot of warnings
2002-08-20 stekkelmake del_move_next work again
2002-08-15 thomppjUpdated filters plugin to work with UID support.
2002-08-07 kinkInitialize $output
2002-08-07 kinkRecreate listcommands plugin using new rfc822_header...
2002-08-06 stekkelrfc822_header stuff
2002-07-30 stekkeladapt layout to fit in read_body + fix for comp_in_new...
2002-07-30 stekkelmodified needed parameters for findPrevMessage and...
2002-07-28 kinkMake the date in day-view internationalizable.
2002-07-09 stekkelfix for uid support
2002-07-08 stakadushMore fixes due to R2L implementation (bugs were posted...
2002-07-08 stakadushSome fixes for bugs caused by the changes made for...
2002-07-06 indiri69Changed sqimap_get_sort_order call to take three variables
2002-07-05 stekkelupdate for UID support
2002-07-04 stakadushUpdated Hebrew po file.
2002-07-04 stakadush*** empty log message ***
2002-07-04 stakadush*** empty log message ***
2002-06-28 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-27 centaurixupgraded to version 1.4 and debugged
2002-06-27 centaurixupdated/moved plugin from plugins/abook_take to squirre...
2002-06-27 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-06-17 philippe_mingoQuotes detection in motd
2002-06-17 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <>
2002-06-03 bbiceAdded blacklists
2002-06-03 philippe_mingoBugfix by "Chiu Wai Pun" <>
2002-05-28 stekkelfix for weird &quot in subject instead of "
2002-05-24 stekkelfix for comp_in_new
2002-05-17 jmunroAdded IMAP server information plugin called 'info'...
2002-05-14 jmunrofix for problem with moving messages from folders that...
2002-05-10 ondrassAdded new config flag 'allow_charset_search' for those...
2002-05-08 kinkFix bug #550605, thanks to Cor Bosman.
2002-05-01 jmunroiso_xxxx_x should be iso-xxxx-x. #550725
2002-04-30 bbiceFixed a bug -- an extra isset call recently put in...
2002-04-28 jmunroPontus fix for my fix :)
2002-04-26 jmunrofixed filters so they can be applied to only new mail...
2002-04-26 jmunrobetter fix.
2002-04-26 jmunromissed a spot :)
2002-04-26 jmunrofixes prev_del/next_del when using server or thread...
2002-04-13 bbiceadded sanity check for editing Header filters
2002-04-10 bbicetweaked it so filters.php can pass a default TTL to...
2002-04-05 bbiceAdded a search by header option to filters -- needs...
2002-04-05 bbicerenamed the optpage_register_block hook filters uses...
2002-04-05 graf25Yipes... a bugfix.
2002-04-05 graf25This makes filters work with charsets other than us...
2002-04-02 philippe_mingoTypo
2002-03-25 bbiceremoved bulkquery binary
2002-03-25 bbiceAdded BINDROOT var to Makefile
2002-03-25 bbiceinitial checkin for bulkquery
2002-03-25 bbiceAdded options for Shared Cache and Bulkquery program
2002-03-21 bbiceRemoved dead filters
2002-03-19 jmunroFixes filters kicking in on login, added 'webmail_botto...
2002-03-16 simondAdd org logo width/height to the admin plugin
2002-03-12 jmunrofilter fix on folder/rename is back in. added hooks...
2002-03-12 jmunrotook out filter fix for folder rename/delete. its broken
2002-03-06 graf25Adding error reporting routines, by popular demand. :)
2002-03-02 jmunroapplied patch #522687. simple changes to option appearance
2002-03-02 jmunroI moved the filter update on folder rename/delete
2002-03-01 philippe_mingoMDN Option added to administrator