Fix what seems to have been a copy/paste bug
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / sent_subfolders / functions.php
2011-01-06 pdontthinkHappy New Year!
2010-01-25 pdontthinkUpdate copyrights to 2010
2009-09-29 jervforsThe copyright symbol isn't really needed since the...
2009-04-15 jervforsThere are too many modified files being committed witho...
2009-04-06 pdontthinkMake default $sent_subfolders_base whatever $sent_folder is
2009-04-06 pdontthinkFix PHP notices
2009-04-06 pdontthinkCode updates
2009-04-05 pdontthinkUpdate to work with 1.5.2 - this was old 1.4.x code
2009-04-05 pdontthinkForgot to add file before last commit...