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2009-04-15 jervforsChanging newlines from DOS to Unix style.
2008-11-21 pdontthinkEveryone deserves version info
2008-01-05 pdontthinkAdd ability to force message list refresh
2008-01-05 pdontthinkBe explicit about empty form action
2007-05-18 pdontthinkAdd autohide functionality for preview pane. Thanks...
2007-05-18 pdontthinkUpdate preview pane functionality so it only refreshes...
2007-03-10 pdontthinkTemplatize (un)collapse buttons; move all templates...
2007-03-09 pdontthinkAdd (un)collapse buttons
2007-02-14 pdontthinkPlugins like preview_pane should not close their own...
2007-02-09 pdontthinkFix mistake - was using echo instead of adding to outpu...
2007-02-06 pdontthinkSyntax error fix
2007-02-06 pdontthinkAllow other plugins to ask for message list refresh
2007-02-05 pdontthinkAllow other plugins to indicate that preview_pane shoul...
2007-02-02 pdontthinkUse addButton() here too
2007-01-24 pdontthinkAdd preview pane to advanced default template. This...