Split out functionality that gathers system specs
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / filters / spamoptions.php
2004-05-05 jervforsRemoving random double spaces in strings
2004-04-18 tokulmarking function as private.
2004-04-13 tokulremoved $_ variables.
2004-04-12 tokulsome phpdoc blocks
2004-02-24 kinkWe're living in 2004 now... perl is your friend for...
2003-12-01 cigamitBack out support for using SM without Frames
2003-12-01 cigamitAdded support for using Squirrelmail without frames
2003-11-07 cigamitAdd closing Body and HTML tags, remove Newlines at...
2003-10-27 tassiumInitial groundwork to use phpdocumentor.
2003-03-11 kinkMore global cleanup. Now all SESSION and COOKIE use...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-10-24 sizzlingmercuryAnother sneaky folder list (or two)
2002-10-18 kinkMake the filters plugin more efficient and remove two...
2002-09-25 kinkKeep on going... filters plugin rg=0 compat.
2002-09-07 indiri69Added require_once for filters.php
2002-09-06 thomppjA terrible pile of things done to the code. Did a littl...
2002-06-28 philippe_mingor2l by Yoav
2002-02-27 bbiceFixed removing SPAM filter preferences and added abilit...
2002-02-10 philippe_mingoSome cleanup
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoBugfix. It was logouting twice
2001-12-23 thomppjGetting ready for 1.2.0 release.
2001-12-03 bbiceAdded i18n for SpamFilters_YourHop warning
2001-12-02 bbiceChanged default value for SpamFilters_YourHop
2001-11-30 bbiceInitial checkin of spamoptions.php