fsf changes, meant to be rebased on upstream
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / change_password / backend / ldap.php
2021-02-05 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2020-01-07 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2019-01-08 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2018-01-16 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2017-01-27 pdontthinkHappy 2017
2016-01-01 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2015-01-03 pdontthinkHappy 2015
2014-01-01 pdontthinkHappy 2014
2013-07-26 jervforsUpdate copyright
2012-12-09 kinkReplace calls to htmlspecialchars() with sm_encode_html...
2012-01-02 pdontthinkUpdating copyrights. Happy New Year.
2011-01-06 pdontthinkHappy New Year!
2010-01-25 pdontthinkUpdate copyrights to 2010
2009-09-29 jervforsThe copyright symbol isn't really needed since the...
2009-04-15 jervforsThere are too many modified files being committed witho...
2008-08-21 kinkrework seed generation: this is something that really...
2008-08-21 kinkmake sure we've ran our own random seeder before using...
2007-12-07 pdontthinkFix include error. Thanks Patrick Dubau.
2007-02-18 kinkHTTP_SERVER_SERVER should be HTTP_SERVER_VARS, but...
2007-01-13 kinkincrement year in copyright notices
2006-07-15 tokulremoving trailing ?> from function scripts
2006-05-21 tokulSCRIPT_FILENAME is not set in some setups
2006-05-14 tokulupdating error_box() function calls. second argument...
2006-04-05 stekkelCentralized init
2006-01-23 tokulcopyright update
2005-09-18 jervforsphpDocumentor updates
2005-07-31 tokulcode was checked, when similar code was debugged on...
2005-04-19 tokuladding ripe-md160 and md4 support for qmail-ldap
2005-03-20 tokulseveral messages can be pushed in one array_push
2005-03-11 tokulphpdoc fix
2005-03-08 tokulerror message formating fixes. It is better to use...
2005-02-27 jervforsString update
2005-02-27 jervforsUpdating strings
2005-02-27 tokuldefault to imap server address
2005-02-27 tokuladding ldap backend support to change_password plugin...